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Weeping Silence : Theatre Of Life

The new Weeping Silence is much more Gothic-inclined than ever before.

Weeping Silence from Malta are back with a new album. Their debut impressed me with its heavy, melancholic sound, and Rachel Grechís vocals did a lot to it also. Here the band have evolved a little and have changed their sound, as it includes more choirs, symphonic parts and some rockier elements.

The band opens with 'Of Light And Shadow'; the song generally keeps the same direction they prospected in their first album: heavy riffs and strong melodies, but this time adorned with enhanced symphonic elements that make them a kind of darker and gloomier version of Nightwish. The influence of the Finns in the bandís new direction is also present in the next song: 'Dark Waters', where semi-acoustic, symphonic and prog elements are binded together by the very prominent and dominating keyboards. With 'Within White Walls' the band is moving towards a rockier sound that really helps the voice of Rachel to shine - one of the albumís finest moments and a personal favorite.

The title track brings us back to the sound of the first album, with Epic Doom parts being intertwined with Gothic influences, forming a mix that could be described as a cross between While Heaven Wept and Epica. 'Seasonís Journey' is a weird track. Again Weeping Silence create a very interesting song that has very little to do with Doom Metal, maybe a superficial similarity with The 3rd And The Mortal, but sounding closer to the trippier moments of The Gathering. 'Promises Broken' is a more typical Doom Metal song, with heavier riffs and darker sound that most traditional Doom fans will welcome.

The album goes on with the instrumental 'Monuments'; the song shifts between the modern Prog, Doom Rock sound of bands like On Thorns I Lay and the darker moments of 70s Krautrock. In this track lies also the proof that Weeping Silence are much more than a backing group for Rachelís fantastic voice. The album ends with 'Innocent Cries'; it sounds similar to the title track but with a little more rock sound, but again a good song.

As the last track ends, I find myself enchanted again by the Maltese band and if you donít mind your Doom Metal mixed with gothic elements, then youíll also feel the same. Take your headphones and enjoy.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Of Light And Shadow
2. Dark Waters
3. Within White Walls
4. Theatre Of Life
5. Seasonís Journey
6. Promises Broken
7. Monuments
8. Innocent Cries

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the Weeping Silence bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-08-31 by Dimitris Plastiras
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