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Enth : Enth

Decent Doom from the Polish extremists Enth.

Enth is a recent extreme Doom band coming out of Poland. This self titled album was released on LP (though considered an EP) with the cooperation of seven different labels including Solitude Productions, who are becoming well known in the extreme Doom camp. These guys play a style that rests somewhere between Death/Doom and Funeral Doom, and as a result they are one of the groups that may be regarded as Funeral or Death/Doom, depending on subjective opinion about what constitutes real Funeral Doom.

This debut recording contains two long monotonous tracks which are primarily guitar driven, with keyboards showing up occasionally, such as in intro sections. Winding twin lead guitars are contrasted by heavy power chords for most of the record. The leads have an almost baroque feel and are quite subtle when compared to the nihilistic lead style associated with bands such as The Ethereal. Production is decent and definitely above demo level or under- produced raw styles of production and engineering.

The atmosphere on this recording is one of apathy. If one were to compare this record to say, Tyranny for example, a huge difference in atmosphere would be easy to note. This record does not contain the world crashing down emotion of most Funeral Doom, and for that reason it actually reminds me more of the slowest songs by Winter or maybe a slower, more Funeral, Beneath the Frozen Soil than any of the more depressed or bombastic bands such as Skepticism or Hierophant. For this reason, I feel a lot of Doom fans will find this record boring, although I do appreciate the empty droning atmosphere it is shrouded with. The riffs are very cyclical, meaning that a lighter lead driven riff will come in, then a heavier passage, and then the more melodic parts will repeat creating a kind of dichotomy between the two.

Because it is a debut, I do wonder if these guys will increase the extremity of the feeling that is contained in these tracks and perhaps make it a little more unique in comparison with earlier - now classic - extreme Doom records. There is a lingering feeling that I personally have when concerning this style of Doom: I wish more experimentation would be included, and this is an album that would have benefited from a little idiosyncrasy. Overall, it is a decent debut and, although not one of my personal favorite extreme Doom albums, I am still curious about how these guys will progress in the future.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Matryca
2. Godzina Której Nie Ma

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Enth bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-08-29 by Justin A. Mank
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