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A six piece Doom/Death metal band from Yorkshire in England. The Prophecy are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, having toured Europe and America...
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Children of Doom : Doom, Be Doomed Ör Fuck Off

Children Of Doom play groovy Trad. Doom with a very old-school flavour.

Coming after a cool demo and a fine split EP with their label mates The Bottle Doom Lazy Band, here’s the trio from northern France back with a first full-length. And it's a winner. For those unfamiliar with Children Of Doom, the band plays their own take on Traditional Doom with a very old school vibe : when most of the bands in the genre take the 80's as an inspiration, Children Of Doom prefers to harken back to the 70's and even to the late 60's.

The music is firmly rooted in old-fashioned Hard Rock and proto-Heavy Metal, the one first pioneered around 1968 by the famous British Blues Boom that gave birth to such major acts like Cream or The Yardbirds. More than once, the Children speed up the pace and never hesitate to start a song in the pure Bastards style (the first incarnation of Motörhead BEFORE Eddie Clarke and Phil Taylor joined in) then suddenly jump into a pure The Obsessed slow and suffocating part. For example, a song like ‘Mr Nasty’ wouldn't have been out of place on ’On Parole’, while the heart-breaking ‘1916’ (sung in French and telling about the battle on the Somme) is worthy of ’Lunar Womb’.

But more than just another old-school copycat, Children Of Doom is a band with an idea and a vision, and they’ll show you that you can play sorrowful music and yet keep a sense of humour : it's difficult not to get a smile on your face when you hear the great anthem that is ‘Bottle Ben On The Streets’, which is exactly what it sounds like : a tribute to their friend Bottle Ben, singer in The Bottle Doom Lazy Band. And trust me: if you've seen Bottle Ben in the real life, the song is even better ! New ideas are brought by the 11 minute long closing instrumental entitled ‘...Mia's Desert...’ that starts as your classic Wino-inspired songs then slowly turns into the kind of Americana Earth has been playing lately, enriched with saxophone and desert visions. A bit like if Shrinebuilder had decided to cover some Spirit Caravan songs.

What Children Of Doom have managed to create is a kind of...let's say Biker Doom. This is a full-on rifforama of the best kind, this is dripping with sorrow and laughters, there's enough groove to make you headbang like if there were no tomorrow. This is simple and soulful old style Doom, played by a band who lives according to those old principles Heavy music had back then. Who wouldn't want to get a ride with them? Laurent LIGNON

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Mr Nasty
2. Technophobia
3. 1916
4. Bottle Ben In The Streets
5. Doom, Be Doomed Ör Fuck Off
6. ...Mia's Desert...

Duration : Approx. 42 minutes

Visit the Children of Doom bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-07-19 by LAurent Lignon
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