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Thurisaz : The Cimmerian Years

As a doomy mix of melodic Death and Black Metal, Thurisaz have released one of the finest musical piece in the genre.

For their third full-length, Belgian band Thurisaz (strictly nothing in common with the grotesque wannabe Pagan in furs band of nearly the same name) have decided to put a bit more Doom into their usual melodic Death/Black music. The result is pretty good but, to me, is still more doomy Metal (the same way a band like Opeth can be, with common lyrical themes and such) than strictly Doom Metal.

First of all, there's only one slow-paced song. Luckily for us, this is also the best track of the album (and not because of the slow tempo, mind you): ’A Glance Of Misperception’ is a 9 minute long masterpiece of the best melodic Doom/Death one can find along these European shores. With Thomas A.G. Jensen from Saturnus as a guest, the song is a dirge that will clutch your soul in a cold iron grasp, bringing vivid images of dark grey skies and rain falling on a crying man. It is a real shame that the whole album doesn't showcase more melodic Doom of such high level.

There are still some great tracks, like the first single ’My Precious Unknown’, which apes Saturnus' typical sadness pretty well, adding more speed and choirs, and turning the band into some kind of Dark Tranquillity and Swallow The Sun's offspring. This song is, to me, the second best on the album, but like most of the other tracks of ’The Cimmerian Years’, it isn't really something I would label Doom Metal. Because Thurisaz use an instrument that is scarcely ever used in Doom Metal, and you can clearly hear it: double bass drum. While this is good for every Extreme Metal out there wanting to bring speed, brutality and power to their music (something that Thurisaz is also capable of, like in the cool Black Metal-laced song ‘Second Mirror’), this is just musically something that isn't proper to Doom Metal.

This is what makes this review quite hard to write for this very site. As a Doom Metal album, ’The Cimmerian Years’ falls flat on its butt and misses the target more than once, but as a doomy mix of melodic Death Metal and Black Metal, this is one of the finest musical piece in the genre I've heard since the lastest release of Spanish Nahëmah. If you're a fan of November's Doom's sound in their ’To Welcome The Fade’ days, then you'll find yourself in familiar territories. But I wouldn't petition for the inclusion of Thurisaz in our Doom bandlist.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Broken
2. My precious Unknown
3. Second Mirror
4. No Regrets
5. Fare Thee Well
6. The Carnival Of Miscreation
7. Inner Voices
8. Unhealed
9. A Glance Of Misperception

Duration : Approx. 54 minutes

Visit the Thurisaz bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-06-16 by Laurent Lignon
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