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Benighted In Sodom : Reverse Baptism

Benighted In Sodom serve us with a well thought out Dark Metal album.

I’ll plead guilty. Reverse Baptism turned out to be much better than I really expected. Considering my previous not-so-old review of Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica and the alarming rate at which Matron Thorn, mastermind of Benighted In Sodom, releases his albums, I was thinking I’d be served with the exact same thing - save the title names… I was damn wrong. As much as I enjoyed Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica, its main flaw lied in the fact that there was too little variation throughout the record making one track almost identical to the other and, something which only hits me now while listening to Reverse Baptism, a dull production. Now with 11 full-lengths and even more demos, split albums and EPs out there, concerns were high quality-wise. Reverse Baptism shows none of the aforementioned flaws from which his older brother (not sure though if there weren’t more brats being born in the meantime, haha) suffered.

The production which seemed “rainy” at times as if veiled under a lace of distortion gives now way to something much more powerful and Benighted In Sodom’s own brand of Dark Metal has therefore gained a newfound force. Not only the production is thus much better but the songs also seem to have benefited from more reflection and intent in the songwriting. They’re no longer the passing moments under the warm autumnal showers of Florida that endlessly filled H.P.E.; they now have their efficient part in the songwriting, division showing progression that will keep the listener’s attention rather high. It’s no longer only this “mud-tempo” that seemed to tread on forever but real songs with a soul. Some show uplifting tempo like the opener ‘Sweetness Depraved’ or ‘Flauros’, some like ‘Try to Forget Us’ are built on clean vocals and would almost feel like depressive pop (in a good way).

Obviously Benighted In Sodom are still playing their own mix of Dark Metal but with this added, and welcome, turn of events, the replay value does rocket sky-high compared to their previous effort. Matron Thorn may as well be the new herald of the genre since Bethlehem seem to have lost the title some time ago. The result is more than convincing, it’s enjoyable (in a Doom way) and it did indeed spark my curiosity regarding the other “numerous” releases this guy put out already. Well done.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sweetness Depraved
2. Chains of Bliss
3. Try to Forget Us
4. Flauros
5. Ocean I
6. Ocean II
7. Reverse Baptsim

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Benighted In Sodom bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-06-06 by Frédéric Cervol
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