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OvO : Cor Cordium

Get lost in the bizarre little theatre of OvO.

Some bands are absolutely different from others: they’ve freed themselves from scenes and genres to win a radical form of individuality. Tabula rasa; to build, you have to destroy. OvO spend their time and talent to deconstruct, disintegrate, atomize, dismember, skin and split in two, three, a thousand bits the usual clichés that clutter up the Metal and Rock scene in general. You have to come to terms with this unbridled freedom, and it’s probably within the framework of a small group that this kind of insurrectionary initiative can emerge and carry out its ambitions.

OvO is an Italian duo, a pair of monsters, as scary as they are original: behind a drumkit, stripped-down to its simplest form (no double bass, so no feet-action), a giant wrestler, explosives expert, standing upright, stiff and imperturbable (go see on YouTube), releases a totalitarian strike force that stuns and galvanizes at the same time. On the guitar, a woman escaped from the asylum section of severely disturbed patients, her dreadlocks brushing against the floor, wearing a mask like her partner in adventure, grunts, rages, screams, whispers, sings weird songs and leaves you amazed at her many vocal metamorphosis. The guitar becomes a droning horn in her hands, the undulating and powerful notes carve a sonic tunnel vibrating under the chaotic pressure of broken chords, aborted in the bud. The show looks like an insane primeval ritual, the atmosphere is grim and the game is extreme.

OvO is an experimental music project and that is the least you can say; the orchestration is minimalist but only in terms of instruments: 'Cor Cordium' is a ritual based on a work around the voice. The vocal work of Stefania Pedretti is breathtaking and it is the central element of the epileptic peregrinations of the band. Her voice takes all liberties, it’s an elastic that can be endlessly stretched. Its tone ranges from that of a woman and a little girl - both severely neurotic - to that of a demon escaped from the cauldron of hell or a goblin running through the pages of Heroic Fantasy novels. Her breath is hypersensitive, very expressive and, as often in these female-fronted projects, very personal and almost intimate.

The small baroque theatre of OvO is macabre and I tell you frankly, there is no guarantee that you can stand it till the end. The scores differ significantly from the basic Doom patterns, yet in our two freaks we can find an inclination to slow and disturbing rhythms, to telluric vibes and timeless magical evocations. There is thus a part of extreme Doom in OvO.

One gets the immediate impression of dealing with a disc beyond its time, beyond the genres and the genre-related gimmicks. We’ll have to keep a close eye on OvO who have already toured with many other bands who share this vision of libertarian Metal (Throne, Jarboe, Nadja, Ludicra, etc...) – even if OvO in that matter is in a class of their own. 'Cor Cordium' is an album you’ll have to put under the label 'Bizarre' in your collection, the makeshift side of the band might irritate some, but these tortured and dissonant pieces hold a strange beauty that truly fascinates.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Lungo Computo
2. Nosferatu
3. Marie
4. Penumbra y Caos
5. Orcus
6. Smelling Death Around
7. Catacombecatombe
8. La Bestia
9. The Owls Are Not What They Look Like
10. In Ogni Caso Nessum Rimorso

Duration : 2011 - SupernaturalCat Records

Visit the OvO bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-06-02 by Bertrand Marchal
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