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Demo band that never released an album before breaking up. However, if you can find their demo, it might be worth the trouble. They made tight-played death/doom...
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Jex Thoth : Jex Thoth

Jex Thoth used to be called Totem, but they release their debut album under the name of their lead singer Jex (Jessica Toth). Great move of I Hate to pick up this band, because they put a new face to old-school doom rock and metal, with a distinctly psychedelic touch. Not to mention that this is just a great debut.

The album thrives on gripping tracks with fuzzy riffs, organs, and Jex' brilliant clean female vox (with balls!). Equally great is the addition of excellent touches of psychedelic folk. Not a very big surprise if you know that Jessica and James Toth (Grim Jim in this band) together also form the experimental folk duo Wooden Wand. On the one hand there is a certain retro or 70's quality to this album, but certainly not to the point that it becomes cheesy or a parody. These people blend in just enough to give this music some great atmosphere, withou spoiling the seriously epic and doomy mood.

Some of my favourite tracks are "The Banishment" with its great organ bits and nicely uptempo finish, and "Obsidian Night". The "Equinox Suite" in four parts is in itself a great summary of what this band is all about: heavy doom and atmospheric folky psychedelia. Finisher "Stone Evil" is perhaps the highlight: an acoustic intro changing into a heavy doom stomper.

It's not perfect yet - debuts rarely are - but this is one hell of a first album. If you enjoy the musical elements I mentioned, there's absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn't get this album. Warrior Woman Desert Priestess Jex is waiting for you...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Nothing Left To Die
2. The Banishment
3. Obsidian Night
4. Separated at Birth
5. Son of Yule
6. Warrior Woman
7. Equinox Suite a) The Poison Pit
8. Equinox Suite b) Thawing Magus
9. Equinox Suite c) Invocation Pt. 1
10. Equinox Suite d) The Damned and Divine
11. When the Raven Calls
11. Stone Evil

Duration : 51 minutes

Visit the Jex Thoth bandpage.

Reviewed on 27-05-2008 by Oscar Strik
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