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Elmi : The Psychotropic Witch

Elmi’s droney vibes will make you nod like a weirdopsychotropologic zombi.

You won’t find much info on the net regarding Norwegian project Elmi. The band, because it is indeed a band, comprises two guys whose music melts fjords away and who probably wish they’d see the colorful fuzzy lights of this world some 40 years ago.

They just released their very first demo, The Psychotropic Witch, which is a puzzling piece of music. How best to describe Elmi’s sound? I’m still unsure and having one single track, ‘The Tale of the Proselyte, The Psychotropic Witch and the Dreaming Dead’, clocking in at 28 minutes, does not make it really easier on me. I read somewhere Stoner Drone Doom Metal… sure I could stick with that. Or I could say it differently: Reverend Bizarre vs. Deep Purple. It sounds more “epic” (haha) and actually wouldn’t be that far away from the general feel.

The track is divided into three distinct parts where the first part is indeed reminiscent of Reverend Bizarre's Harbinger of Metal and its slow introductions. It then gives way to some psychedelic Hard Rock which is where Deep Purple sound adequate with Jon Lordian keys and finishes into some droning maelstrom.

The ‘song’ composed in this way is really unsettling. First, there are very little vocals throughout the whole track and it takes a while before someone shouts “come on!” to try and wake you up from your Doom trance. That's not even the most intriguing feature of Elmi's music actually. Scarcity of words has never been novelty in Doom Metal but absence of drums?? Yup, that does sound weirdopsychotropologic. I can only think of a few scenarios here: 1. Planned drummer was too fucked up thawing some ice cubes for his booze to show up at the studio and the other two were like: ”dude, fuck it!” or 2. There’s no planned drummer and the other two were like: “dude, fuck it!”.

Still absence of drums does not mean bore and it's actually something you come to realize a lot later throughout the whole 28 minutes as if toxic fumes had already psychotroped your brains... Overall feeling? I can't say. Can't tell if these guys have come up with something totally awesome or if I'm just being the aural witness of some crazy and bold rip-off.

Oh boy, now was that a helpful review? Hey, blame it on the two flower-power dudes. Now if you’ll excuse, the bong is waiting…

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Tale of the Proselyte, The Psychotropic Witch and the Dreaming Dead

Duration : Approx. 28 minutes

Visit the Elmi bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-06-01 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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