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Angel Of Damnation : Carnal Philosophy

Angel Of Damnation play a nice mix of Trad and Epic Doom.

The debut by Angel Of Damnation, which hail from Germany, features members from Dawn of Winter & Nocturnal. The album is definitely good. The sound is a combination of early Sabbath, Candlemass, and Saint Vitus. I sampled it this morning - the first track - and I was impressed. It has a demo quality to it, the drums sound kind of unpolished, and it is great. It's recorded as if they just were in a rehearsal, which is something I quite enjoy. A nice mix of slow doom and kind of upbeat, so to speak. The singer has a voice that kind of reminds me of Rob Lowe from Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass, and Scott Reagers from Saint Vitus.

The tracks are greatly put in order, nice evil sounding compositions. 'Enthrone The Flesh' is probably my personal favorite. The only weakness is maybe the lack of songs, and the synth in some of the tracks. The use of synth in Trad. Doom is something that I personally am not a fan of, but it fits the music on this album. I would say this is pretty much Traditional Doom Metal with a hint of Epic Doom Metal, it has some Candlemass style things like on their first record, ’Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’. It's one of those discs that surprise you, not always what you think of what it will be, which I like: to have an expectation and to get better than what you expected is key with that album.

The rawness of the recording, its unpolished aspect, is what impresses me the most. 'I'll Drink From The Chalice Of Blood' has a dark bluesyness to it that reminds me of the first Black Sabbath record, and the lyrics are great as well. It's a catchy song that is almost danceable, it has a swing to it. 'Bow Before The Goat' has the classic one, two, three, four count in on the high hat, and goes into a song that reminds me of Candlemass on their first record, full of slow paced riffs.

'Into The Coven Of The Damned' has a very Black Sabbath style riff, I almost thought I had heard Tony Iommi play it before, and then has a part where it slows down with some eerie sounding keys on an organ, which adds to the darkness, almost a bit of Psychedlia in it. The riff is just a walky style riff, and it is hooky, and then at the verse you have a power chord variation, and the lyrics tell about evil and Satan (a must for any Metal fan), depicting how He drags people to hell to see them suffer. 'Enthrone The Flesh' starts off very dark and evil sounding, very slow, with searing eerie vocals that sound reminiscent of Scott Reagers on Saint Vitus's S/T record, and it slowly builds, with a monstrous riff, and an epic verse and chorus. Very powerful track. 'Cleansed In The Fires Of Satan' closes the record, and it’s a great ending to the album. It starts off with a distorted bass line, and kicks in to a slow eerie song as well, and goes into a great riff, and the song sounds alot like Candlemass, with Tony Iommi on guitar. The lyrics are phenomonal, not corny at all. The music hooky and epic.

All in all, I give this record 2 thumbs up. Great release from a band that I never knew of, and it has definitely made me a fan. I cannot wait for the next record to come out, because this was just outstanding. I highly suggest any fan of Doom Metal to get themselves a copy of it. One of the best records I've heard this year.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Doomed Forevermore
2. I'll Drink From The Chalice Of Blood
3. Bow Before The Goat
4. Into The Coven Of The Damned
5. Enthrone The Flesh
6. Cleansed In The Fires Of Satan

Duration : Approx: 38 minutes

Visit the Angel Of Damnation bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-28 by Andrew Miller
No God Only Pain
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