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Fregoli Delusion is one-man band hailing from Lithuania whose mastermind also plays in such bands as Jane Doe Drowned and Vė˛ys. The b...
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Ghäst : Ghäst - Rape X - Split

Crumbling hateful chaos is what Ghäst vs Rape X Split will bring upon you.

When I first listened to that split album on my computer, I was like: “What the hell is that? Wasn't it supposed to be Drone music? There's nothing Drone here, it just sucks!”
Well, the bad quality of my computer speakers certainly didn’t help; now I'm glad I’ve been through gloomy days and rainy mood and just couldn’t find any fitting album to serve as soundtrack: I finally picked up this split again and gave it another chance.

What we have here is quite hard to describe. The first track by Ghäst is actually a great radioactive stack of sonic textures moving like a filthy undertow which peacefully causes every still-living cells around to implode.
This electronic sea of droning waves, thick, cold and lifeless, happily destroys, and still captivates your mind enough to lead you to adjourn anything you might be doing to simply listen to the song. Some great invasive music.

The second Ghäst track is far less interesting, albeit it dwells in a better-known music field as it’s about noisy Sludge Drone; but unfortunately none of its components reaches any goal, and it doesn't really sound neither sick nor affected; it's pretty dull and more particularly so because of a poor and dispensable rhythm section.

Let's get to the Rape-X side now, which is, at least, a very original conceptual triptych called Civil Servant. Or, I could have even better said: let's get deeply disturbed for more than half an hour, and see how long the trauma can last!

These three tracks sound pretty much the same. However, despite their different length, it feels like living the same scene from three different, yet very close, points of view.

From the first minutes, you are transported to a small rotten hut, lost in the Russian blizzard, naked and tied down to a chair, chilled to the bone with – as the tracks’ titles indicate - three persons standing in front of you. You hardly regain consciousness, and all those electronic waves are piercing through your head like you're right in the middle of a park of hundreds of bones-aching emitting-towers. And then you have that guy who seems really drunk and tired, who's bringing you hell screaming non-stop hateful imprecations, scaring you to death with his harsh gurgling shouts he’s spitting at you. There is such a twisted ambience of violence and torture...

I read somewhere Rape-X music is labelled ‘Power Electronics’, well, let me be a bit more accurate by calling this: ‘Goulag Acouphenic Snuff Drone’.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Ghäst – Le noyé
2. Ghäst – Tétanos
3. Rape-X – The cop
4. Rape-X – The commissioner
5. Rape-X – The mayor

Duration : Approx. 69 minutes

Visit the Ghäst bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-16 by Thibaut Merit
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