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While Heaven Wept : Fear Of Infinity

While Heaven Wept's last album is a masterpiece you have to dive into.

Well, the fact that I find myself writing a review about the new release of While Heaven Wept only two years after their last studio album is kind of weird. Fans sure get my point: although the band has every required bit of talent to produce great music, things has always been moving quite slow for them. They’re now signed to a big label – Nuclear Blast - they’re touring a lot and their entire back-catalogue gets re-issued via various labels around the world. Better late than never for a band that has really struggled hard during the last 21 (!) years to spread their artistic vision around.

’Fear Of Infinity’ is a masterpiece of inspired, deep, emotional, epic and melancholic music, expressed through various forms of Metal, but mainly focused on the genre that has always been the band’s strongest point: Epic Doom.

’Fear Of Infinity’ is an album you have to dive into. The music has the strange power to drive the listener into explosive crescendos, and the very next second to bring you the sweetness of a deep melancholy. This majestic combination of epic and melancholic sound has always been the alpha and omega of While Heaven Wept. All you got to do is to let the seven songs of ‘Fear Of Infinity’ find their way inside your mind. Check your own emotional state after the very first spin of the entire album. You’ll then get what is so fantastic about this strange – and beautiful - combination of melancholy and force. The music truly evokes the weeping of Heaven.

The first two tracks are probably the most aggressive that the band has ever written. 'Hour Of Reprisal' starts under a total double kick drum blasting with an almost Black Metal main riff. The vocals of Rain Irving will soon fill the air with an Epic majesty.

'Destroyer Of Solace' is perhaps the band’s tribute to Bathory. I could find myself banging my head on a live show along this tune. You want some REAL RIFFS, don’t you? You have them all here. Great female backing vocals also.

'Obsessions Now Effigies' is a wonderful Epic Doom Metal anthem; let me stress once again the EPIC dimension of WHW music: double guitar themes and lead melodies are the band basic dynamic. Epic for sure. I can’t find any other suitable word.

After a storm, here comes a calm under the name 'Unplenitude'. This was actually an outtake from ’Sorrow Of The Angels’. It’s the best version so far: acoustic guitar, keyboards, piano and the vocals of Rain and Michelle. Nothing else. This is a wonderful song.

'To Grieve Forever' will be the song that the most people will love upon the very first listen. It is emotional and melancholic; it is the kind of song that sticks in your head for long. Beautiful.

On 'Saturn and Sacrifice', I don’t need to refresh my vocabulary: Epic Doom Metal. This is all the talent of Tom Philips writing classic Epic Metal tunes. Classic Epic Doom Metal it is.

'Finality' is a absolute ANTHEM. The entire While Heaven Wept spirit is encapsulated forever in this song. This is the band’s best song so far. This is the eternal musical sea that our vessels would like to sail on till the end of time. Sorrow, Mourning, Tears, Force, Darkness, Twilight, Light, Fear and Hope, everything is inside this song.

Safe... this is how I feel listening to this album again and again. Because it brings to the foreground all those features that made me love this band. The emotional, melancholic parts, the twin guitar themes, the riffs, the vocal melodies, the attractive keyboard fillings: all those elements under the prism of Epic Doom Metal.

’Vast Oceans Lachrymose’ was a musical adventure and it was probably the most 'difficult' While Heaven Wept album – still a masterpiece - and at the same time, the one that will bring many new fans to the band! If you happened to discover While Heaven Wept through this last album, then you have the perfect guide to dive into their past discography, exploring their artistic vision. This is in my opinion the album of 2011, a new masterpiece under the While Heaven Wept moniker. Hail to thee!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hour Of Reprisal
2. Destroyer Of Solace
3. Obsessions Now Effigies
4. Unplentitude
5. To Grieve Forever
6. Saturn And Sacrifice
7. Finality

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the While Heaven Wept bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-12 by Chris "CountRaven" Papadakis
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