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A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm : Primary Septagon

A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm is all about bizarre old French ghost stories...

Since the release of their very good 2009 demo ’Bareste’, the south- western French creepers from A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm (ain't it a cool name?) have become a full band (it started as a one-man project on the demo). And with some work and some live shows, the new line-up grow stronger; they now come to us with their first full-length album.

Let me be quite straight with this one: if you're among the ones that think that Doom Metal – whatever the subgenre - MUST be slow, then you won't like what you'll find here. On the contrary, if for you slowness is an element but not the main ingredient of the genre, then give the band a try. A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm play Sludge/Doom with some hints of Stoner, and are clearly influenced by both the Nola and the English scenes. The best way I could describe their music would be to speak of a country version of Electric Wizard played by Acid Bath. From the former, they have those slow mystical parts infused with occult themes (the band is all about old and creepy South-western French ghost stories, spirits' invocation in dusty rooms and old farms lost in the countryside); from the latter, they kept that wild Punk-ish brutality that is all screams and shouts. Once in a while, some of Khanate typical sickness crawls in, especially in the vocal parts. The result is ranging from thrilling mid-tempo doomed anthems and some bastard up- tempo savage straight-in-your-face aggression. This may surprise most of the listeners, but it gives some personality to the music of the French, and an edge that most bands in the genre have lost, as they're nowadays more worried about sucking dry every last riff and gimmick from Eyehategod that might have been left unoticed. I still find enough Doom inside their songs, but I'm pretty sure that the most die-hard fans of the genre will stand divided on this one.

Of the seven songs featured here, five were already burnt on ’Bareste’, but they've been given a new treatment that will surprise those among the listeners that were familiar with the original versions (‘Cross The Skull River’ or ‘As Million Rats’ dredge even more mud now). The two new songs (‘Night Of The Hunter’, about that psycho Mitchum preacher we all know and like, and ‘Outbred’) have a dark rocking vibe to them, that let some good shivers run down the spine while making you want to mosh all the while. Sure, moshing is not Doom, but who cares? As borderline as they may sound musically, A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm are still enough Doom-infused to be featured on this venerable website, as well as in the collection of any curious Sludge and Stoner fan. And with that great music, you'll also get a nice digipack and 7 Tarot cards with special artwork for each song. And if this isn't enough for you, then you can also download the album from their Myspace. So you'll have now no excuses for not giving them a try.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Bareste
2. Cross the skull river
3. As million rats
4. A possessed man
5. Night of the hunter
6. Dead horse
7. Outbred

Duration : Approx. 47 minutes

Visit the A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-09 by Laurent Lignon
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