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Mistress Of The Dead : White Roses, White Coffin (Re-release)

Mistress of the Dead provides yet another despairing funeral.

'White Rose, White Coffin' was originally released as a demo a year before Epidemie Records returned it to the world as the third "properly" released album by the one-man project called Mistress of the Dead. Having said that, I'd like to clear up one thing before I go on. 'I Know Her face from the Tombstone' was recorded and released as demo a year before 'White Rose, White Coffin' was, yet not properly pressed until a year after 'White Rose, White Coffin' had been granted that honor. In other words, when I now compare these two albums I am doing so while counting 'I Know Her Face from the Tombstone' as the predecessor.

Even so, as I compare the two albums I don't find that many differences between them. The manner in which Worship, Skepticism and Until Death Overtakes Me has been mixed together is much the same in both releases. If I had to point out any single difference then I would either choose to mention how 'White Rose, White Coffin' is slightly more ambient, or how the tracks are now slightly more varied than before. Yet, I don't think I would do right in focusing on that when the music after all sounds like the two releases are part of a 2CD release.

Of course, novelty isn't everything. Vlad Christea Vales is a man who obviously knows his funeral doom and has a knack for setting moods of soul-consuming mourning and apathically desperate loss. It is this mood that I would claim is the whole meaning of this album and indeed the whole project. It is almost as if he with each new album re-explores these moods with an almost undetectable twist, each time attempting to push the music even further down into the murkiest depths of the mind.

Mistress of the Dead is a project which, I expect, will soon have grown big enough to become a household name amongst funeral doomsters. And I suspect that this album is the one they'll all speak of as the projects finest moment. At least, I personally find it to be nearly my favourite, second only to the 'Mistress of the Dead' compilation tape.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. My Beloveth
2. The Fading Light in Her Dying Eyes
3. She Gave Me Her All...
4. White Roses, White Coffin

Duration : Approx. 76 minutes.

Visit the Mistress Of The Dead bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-07 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
Aesthetic Death
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