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Cassle : Cassle

Cassle are way better than your average revival band.

Nowadays, it seems the scene feels the urge to sound as ‘old-school’ as possible, as if some bands wanted to be even more traditional than their elders. Paradoxically, even though every single NWOBHM-worshipping combo gets high praises all around, only few people seem to care about the small underground bands that were active back in the day. Therefore, only a few labels focus on re-releasing those old gems buried in time. Shadow Kingdom Records is one of them, and despite the lack of request - only a few copies of the Wolfbane's compilation were sold - it still helps to dust off some forgotten names, such as Cassle.

The band started in 1979 as a bunch of some very young and enthusiast guys. Indeed, when they recorded their debut EP, they only were seventeen years old. This compilation is divided in four parts. The CD kicks in with the ’Midnight Fantasy’ EP. The personality of the band is already well-defined; they play some good old Heavy Metal, with the occasional progressive leanings, not unlike some '70s famous acts such as Deep Purple or the earliest - and best - Judas Priest. They also have something of their own, especially in the vocal compartment, somewhere in-between spoken-word and singing. They claim that everyone in the studio were aghast by those yet-unheard vocals and by the songwriting.

The second part consists of other studio recordings. The sound isn't as good, but the band still shows its ability to write great songs such as 'Second Hand Eyes'. Another track, 'The Ringmaster', can surprise a bit, for it includes many circus melodies. Even though this idea may seem strange, the result is way better than the one you could expect by reading the concept.

The compilation then offers live bonus tracks. The recording is hardly good, but the music is above average. 'Back To Beyond' should have set the crowd on fire that night: this song is one of the best on this release. Played with power and soul, it also features some keyboards which could remind you of Uriah Heep or Deep Purple. The live bonus seems to prove that Cassle were a great band in studio, but also awesome on stage. Then, the album ends with another studio version of the title-track 'Midnight Fantasy', and it isn't a shame to have it, it truly is a great song.

This compilation might be a bit unbalanced, but there are many great tracks on this album which deserve your attention. If you're into old-school Heavy Metal, you'd better give it a try; you'll unlikely be disappointed, and it's way better than your average revival band.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Midnight Fantasy
2. My New Flame
3. Revenge (Cassle Walls)
4. Power Drive
5. Someone Stole My Love Tonight
6. Second Hand Eyes
7. The Ringmaster
8. Back To Beyond
9. Magick
10. Midnight Fantasy (Original)
11. Ernie Anderson V.O.

Duration : Approx. 56 minutes

Visit the Cassle bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-05 by Rubén MUÑOZ--BERTRAND
Aesthetic Death
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