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It Will Come : Truth is nothing but deceit

It Will Come's swansong sees unexpected turns both with regard to the lyrics and the musical style.

[note by author: According to the band, this promo never had any official artwork. There has been some confusion earlier connected with the image that's linked to the promo on the bands MySpace page, but this is not an actual cover.]

While It Will Come's previous two releases (and their 2-in-1 re-releases) were praised into the skies by so many, this was not the case for 'Truth is nothing but deceit'. Quite the contrary, actually. I've read all the reviews I've managed to dig up and not one of them said much good about this promo. In fact, many were downright disgusted and appalled. It seems that with this review, I'm going to be the first person to give the promo a good critique.

What everyone else seems to hate is that Louise Halldin's vocals, along with some moments in the music, have been influenced by what has been claimed to be either pop or r'n'b. I can understand them making that connection - at times the music sounds as if influenced by Christina Aguilera - and many consider this connection to be some sort of sin towards all things metal. I don't get that part since the metal scene has always prided itself on its sinfulness, and I also find that many of those reviewers neglect how much the music still sounds like it did on '47'.

I do, however, understand the qualms surrounding whether or not to like this promo. I was truly disappointed at first, but after listening to the promo for the fifth or sixth time it started to grow on me. But to enjoy it you have to give it at least that much of an opportunity to do that growing. This is not just the music's fault, the major culprit, I believe, is the bandname. No one ever expected It Will Come to take this turn. Instead all of us fans did as fans always do, expected more of what we knew and liked. So, once It Will Come came out with this shock of a promo, most of the fans cringed. As already stated, I did too. Had the band changed name or reformed under another moniker, perhaps even made this as a aside-project, then people would have investigated the description of the music more thoroughly than I'm sure they did, and, in turn, they would have had different expectations and a different outlook on the changes in the music.

Now that I'm acclimatized to the music I find that the promo's quite good. It doesn't hold the same special place as their previous works, nonetheless I still find it to be better than much of the melodic doom/death scene. I mean, the riffage of It Will Come has always been spot on, and the melody lines too, not to mention the lyrics which has always been good. All of this is still present. The only parts which aren't optimal are the vocals - I do think Halldin's voice is perfectly suited for the bright, clean vocals on the demos, therefore I find that the r'n'b moaning can never be as good as the performances that were perfect - and the sad fact that there is only one proper doom metal track, 'Revulsion', and I'm the kind of guy who nearly always prefers a band's doomier works.

So, there you have it. My defense of It Will Come's swansong. But, because so many literally hate it, I would advice anyone interested to have an open mind when exploring this promo. All three tracks can be heard on the bands MySpace page.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Without Faces 2. Revulsion 3. Food for Thought

Duration : Approx. 16 minutes.

Visit the It Will Come bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-04 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
Forever Autumn
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