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Akem Manah (USA) : Horror In The Eyes

Akem Manah sure do love the devil!

After a full length in 2010 through Freak Metal Records, we find ourselves rewarded with the first EP courtesy of the Darkened Stoner Metallers from the not-so-known-for-its-music state of Oregon. Simply put: take equal parts groovy Stoner Metal and sinister Black Metal atmospherics, add in some death grunts, a touch of Satan and then slam it right smack down into the midst of the Northwestern U.S. and you've got yourself Akem Manah. While feeling dwarfed by the massive sounding guitar and bass tones of the album is definitely not something that can be avoided, there is no doubt that 'Horror In The Eyes' should have cautionary stickers directed towards the faint of heart.

Any Stoner Metal fan looking for something a bit more diabolic to add to their record collection should without a doubt spend some of their allowance on this album. From the slow, heavy and lurching pace of 'The Lurking Fear' to the creepy atmospherics of 'Creatures In The Walls' and the feedback assault of 'Children Of Evil', this album has got what you kids crave! All the same, with almost every riff on the EP dripping with fuzz, delay and overdrive, you won't hear me complaining.

Another high point worth noting is the well executed cover of Electric Wizard's monolithic 'Funeralopolis'. While I still prefer the original (come on, it's the Wizard!), they did the song great justice and carved enough of a personal touch into the tune to keep interests peaked, really making it their own. Needless to say, I really enjoyed the whole album and find myself heavily looking forward to future material. One thing's for sure: the creatures in their walls better enjoy a lot of heavy groove, otherwise they're going to be enduring a pretty sleepless existence.

Reviewer's rating: 6.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Black Magic (Punishment)
2. The Lurking Fear
3. Children Of Evil
4. Funeralopolis
5. Creatures In The Walls

Duration : Approx. 30 minutes

Visit the Akem Manah (USA) bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-05-02 by Jon Carr
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