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Originally a Doom rock band with few ties to the two big names of the genre (Pentagram and Black Sabbath), but instead sounding more modern and wi...
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Procession : Destroyers of the Faith

Maybe Procession's second release isn't as great as you've been told.

From the first seconds, you’re plunged into it: Epic Doom. You have it all: wailing vocals, dramatic riffs, dark groove, potent drumming, so much that it sounds too much, almost a blueprint, a template designed for Doom academy graduates. Now, sit at your desk and don’t crib from your schoolmate, I’m watching you!

This sophomore album of Chilean Procession has gathered an incredible amount of mad reviews, causing a dubious frenzy that regularly brought them excellent marks around the internet. Now, let’s keep a cool head: on ’Destroyers of the Faith’, Procession have lost a bit of their talent to write tight and chilling songs.

Perhaps following in the footsteps of Reverend Bizarre, the first full- length of Procession is as long as their previous EP. As the album’s title indicates, this effort is an obvious tribute to early '80s Metal (’Defenders of the Faith’, anyone?); a song like ‘Chants Of The Nameless’ displays a range of harmonies which can remind of the NWOBHM (that very track holds also the most swinging - and the best - riff of the album; the band is then so pleased with that little melodic pattern of theirs that it’s scattered all along the song).

All Procession’s songs bear tragic overtones, mournful feelings that, as I said, still encapsulate slight ‘80s Metal hints. The playing is strong, but the band can’t maintain a full intensity all along, though, and most of their tracks never really kick off and/or drag a bit, hesitating too long before skipping to the next one (e.g. track 3 is too long, track 5 is lame...). The singer does a good job and his ability to keep an impressive high note deserves respect, if not great excitement. Otherwise, you can’t honestly claim this is groundbreaking: the result is what you can expect from a Heavy Metal album; their Doom drenched in the spirit of old-school Metal bands is somewhat similar to The Gates Of Slumber’s. The riffs are very heavy and powerful. As a matter of fact, every song is truely meant to be played live, for they will undoubtly make crowds bang their heads and sing along all the choruses.

However, what I hear could be described as ‘generic’: something is missing in their compositions to make ’Destroyers of the Faith’ as great as ’The Cult Of Disease’ (because, don’t misunderstand me, I like their debut a lot and I think Procession are overflowing with potential). Even though nothing on this opus is badly executed, you may experience an annoying feeling of déjà-vu.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hyperion
2. Destroyers of the Faith
3. The Road to the Gravegarden
4. Chants of the Nameless
5. Tomb of Doom
6. White Coffin

Duration : Approx. 46 minutes

Visit the Procession bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-29 by Rubén Muñoz - - Bertrand and Bertrand Marchal
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