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Light and melancholic Gothic/Doom Metal, paying tribute to My Dying Bride, Draconian, and early Tristania. The guitar mostly dwindles in th...
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The Moon Mistress : Obsessed by Cursed Wastelands

Snakerider and The Moon Mistress share a Slavic psychedelic stew on this split.

On their 2010 demo, the Russian Stoner Doom dreamers The Moon Mistress let us foresee great things to come; I gave those four primordial tracks a few enthusiastic spins and was really looking forward to hearing some fresh material when I received this split, where they share the stage with Ukrainian Snakerider. Drooling over that release happened to be a waste of adrenalin, though: The Moon Mistress just recycle two tracks from their demo: ‘VVitches’ and ‘Metropolis’. Sad, but if their mp3 demo was a trial run, this solid album has to be seen as their first concrete step on the international scene.

Both songs are great anyway: shamanic chanting vocals, softly sliding along thick moving lava, at one with the main melody. Smooth and undulating reverb that induces a light trance-like effect; neither too blurry nor too fuzzy, the slow move carries strong seventies influences, Hendrix and Hawkwind on top of the list.

The Moon Mistress’ intentions are all welcoming: the tempo is sensual, evocative and very ‘present’, you feel in connection with the musicians at once, you feel no aggression, but a warm vibe that takes you by the hand to a vast multicolored prairie. A soft dizzy groove: this is what The Moon Mistress is all about. An enrapturing listen made of strange smoky moods and delicate psychedelic waves.

Snakerider are more straightforward, less ethereal, more plapable, so to speak, although the bands really digs a parallel furrow in the same soil: creeping droning Stoner Doom. Their music is made of fat greasy chords and an overall monolithic distorted pounding that runs like a thick flow of black oil on burning-hot sand. Warm groove again, less ‘clean’, though, as Snakerider can also spout that splattered sound that Sludge bands pioneered. The drumming is more active also, pummeling stubbornly.

But they never fall into the swampy magma where Electric Wizard like to splash about; like almost all East European bands, these Ukrainian like their Doom clean. The songwriting again favours long meticulous instrumentation; and even if those subtle passages are lost between two magmatic heavy parts, the prominent impression the music lends you is an elegant moderation that stays well away from chaotic, deleterious gushes. Control is the key.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Moon Mistress - VVitches
2. The Moon Mistress - Metropolis
3. Snakerider - Us, Who Saw the Reason
4. Snakerider - In Her Eyes
5. Snakerider - Cold Seas
6. Snakerider - Four Twenty

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the The Moon Mistress bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-26 by Bertrand Marchal
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