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Sektarism : Hosanna Satana

Sektarism have to choose between Funeral Doom and slow Black Metal.

In a time when Sony announce that they wonít produce any walkmans anymore (you know, that good old big thing that you used to listen to cassettes with), you can still count on the Metal underground to cultivate the seduction of vintage stuff: tapes will never die! This is the case with this second release of French satanists Sektarism. Like their first MCD 'L'Offrande', 'Hosanna Satana' is a one track release, delivering some very raw Funeral Doom with religious lyrics in French and recorded in one take during a rehearsal session.

Musically, an evolution is noticable, or to be more precise the band has somewhat returned to their orthodox Black Metal roots (all the members are involved in bands, such as Malhkebre or Darvulia). The Doom vibe is still there, but quite less present than on 'L'Offrande', which, to me, is a flaw: as usual, Sektarism deals with devotion to the One Below, on a rather slow pace, and their lyrical themes and dogma could benefit a lot from more heaviness and from some suffocating atmosphere. They appear here far more like a Black Metal version of Wormphlegm. This doesnít sound bad per se, but 'Hosanna Satana' is definitely less Doomy (while better crafted, than 'L'Offrande'). I do not question the ideas of the band (there are not mine, for what it's worth), but I just imagine that such devotion expressed with the punishing darkness of a Profetus or the sludgy sickness of a Moss would not only sound better, it would also immediately make Sektarism a band to watch closely.

Sound-wise, I also see some problems. I canít say I have anything against rehearsalsí rough sounding; in fact I have a real fondness for those kind of demos, as rehearsals convey a live feeling that gives you a good hint of how the band can sound on stage. But here, the sound is too clear and not heavy enough. Guys, this is FUNERAL DOOM you're supposed to play: make it HEAVY! Crush us under a cold and moss-covered tombstone, break our bones beating us up with coffin planks, let us feel the icy fog of your filthy breath as you claim our souls for your Master!!! There are some parts on 'Hosanna Satana' when Sektarism can be compared to The Funeral Orchestra in their best days. But few are those moments and scarcely scattered along the song, while the more Black Metal-sounding ones are more prominent.

Sektarism seems to be plagued with musical schizophrenia and a certain incapacity to choose whether they want to play Funeral Doom or slow Black Metal. Their first album is on its way, and I hope they'll finally choose the first option, and unleash the expected heavy darkness that will drown us all.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Hosanna Satana

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the Sektarism bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-25 by Laurent Lignon
No God Only Pain
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