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Mhönos : Rotomagus Ritualis

You can hear the hours of hard work that were needed to make every single piece of this musical puzzle fit into Mhönos' grand scheme.

Mhönos’ first demo already caught my attention some years ago; dwelling in a hackneyed music field, Drone/Doom, it was yet showing fine promises. Not unlike SunnO))) since Attila came back aboard, Mhönos rather explore the mystical implications of THE VIBE instead of just playing loud for loudness' sake or taking part to cocks competitions to determine who's the heaviest. Now, as a prelude to their first album, the French cult brings us their second demo, which features what Drone bands do best: live shows.

This is a performance that was recorded live in Rouen (you can hear the audience) on a night were our not-so-mournful congregation of Droneheads was opening for the fellow countrymen and friends Fatum Elisum. It consists of a single 38 minute long track, full of heavy bass lines, low frequencies, distorted harmonies, organ and a chanting choir. The result is pretty good, conveying nicely the 'old-monastery-sheltering-a-zombie-choir-summoning-Lord- Below' atmosphere that the band seem to be familiar with. The very ritualistic vibe of the track is bewitching and, while the underlining basis is very simplistic, you still can hear the hours of hard work that were needed to make every single piece of this musical puzzle fit into the grand scheme.

Despite being a very good Drone/Doom 'song', this track suffers from the classic flaw of Drone live releases: a lack of identifiction. To be more precise, this is exactly the kind of music that you need to experience first hand, live, among the audience. Here, we have a great rendition that just manages to convince me that Mhönos must be one hell of a good live band. On the other hand, their first demo (which was a studio one) was better, as they obviously had spent time giving attention to the small details. Still, this ’Rotomagus Ritualis’ is a good release that is worth every cent. But right now, it just left me craving to hear more of Mhönos, which is good, since they're currently recording their first full-length; and I'm truly expecting a lot from it.

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Tracklist :

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the Mhönos bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-23 by Laurent Lignon
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