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The long time solo project, running since 1988, of guitarist Antonio Polidori under the alias 'Tony Tears'. In 2014, he added drummer/bassist Regan Gr...
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Lachrimatory : Promo

This little two-track-promo seems to be intended as a teaser for Lachrimatory’s upcoming full-length.

This little two-track-promo seems to be intended as a teaser for Lachrimatory’s upcoming full-length album called Transient. The Brazilian band is still widely unknown – in fact, this is the first time I have come across them even though, according to their website, they have been around since 1999. The release of their upcoming album could, I imagine, help them step out of the underground and become known to a wider audience – provided that they get the necessary support from a good label.

Do not let the fairly stereotypical (not to say cheesy) band name fool you. Admittedly, the music is melodic, atmospheric, not all too heavy, and there are My Dying Bride-influences to be heard. But despite these features, Lachrimatory have created something special and impressive here, maintaining a very sincere Doom Metal sound and a sinister atmosphere all of the time. It is primarily because of this atmosphere that I would hesitate to label this Gothic Doom, even though the stylistic ingredients are closest to this subgenre for sure. Another argument for this category would be the fact that there are no outbursts of aggression or extreme heaviness as we know them from many Death Doom acts. However, there are some very slow and dismal moments verging on Funeral Doom.

The most noticeably special element about the music is the use of a violoncello. After what has been said before, you might guess that this is not the typical epic kind of string work akin to Gothic Metal – instead, the excellent cello arrangements contribute a lot to the oppressive mood. They also showcase some classical influence which becomes apparent in the compositions themselves, as well. This classical influence vaguely reminds me of some Virgin Black material I have heard (though I am not too familiar with that band’s discography).

Apart from the cello, there is the typical line-up of dual guitars, drums, bass and occasional keyboards. All of the musicians do a great job and work perfectly together, suggesting a good deal of experience as a band. The vocals are solid, but they are also the most unspectacular element and do not seem to accompany the rather ambitious approach of the music that appropriately. Growls and screams take turns with clean vocals, and albeit being undistinguished technically, the melodic lines as such are really good. Still, some more zeal for all of the vocal styles could have perfected the otherwise fairly flawless songs.

When it comes to songwriting, there is a lot of variation and dramatic climax. Just as all the elements of orchestration, the different structural building blocks are very well balanced, proving a high level of maturity. The compositions are dynamic and not easily predictable while still flowing naturally. There are numerous tempo changes where Funeral Doom-like passages can be followed by moments of melodic relief, for instance around the 5-minute-mark of 'Void'. Some sporadic double bass drumming makes for additional dynamics without being aggressive. I can hear quite some parallels to Mournful Congregation or Asunder in how Lachrimatory structure their songs – which is not to suggest that those bands are very similar in style, though.

The picture is topped off by a clear, professional sounding production, the only downside of which is a slight lack of power in the drum sound – but this is a preliminary judgement since I have only heard the MP3-versions of the songs, so such details are to be reassessed when the final version of the full album is available. If the remaining songs are as good as these two, we are in for a fantastic release, and I am looking forward to hearing more. It does not happen too often that you get to hear a promo of such high quality. Let us hope that these guys will stay true to this musical approach and will not walk into the trap of nondescript Gothic Metal bombast which seems so tempting for bands with a more opulent approach.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Void
2. Clarity

Duration : Approx. 20 minutes

Visit the Lachrimatory bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-18 by Dominik Sonders
Hate Your Guts Records
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