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Sluggish Traditional Doom-metal in the vein of bands like St. Vitus and The Obsessed. Heavy riffing is a key factor with this band, making sure th...
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Lord Vicar : Lord Vicar/Funeral Circle (Split)

Both Lord Vicar and Funeral Circle deliver the goods in this Trad Doom split.

Slowly but surely, Eyes Like Snow is becoming one of the most exciting Doom labels one can find in continental Europe. And this fine split EP is just cementing my opinion on this matter.

Lord Vicar is the new project from Peter Vicar, from Reverend Bizarre and Orne fame, with vocal duties being handled by none other than Christus aka Christian Lindersson, once singer for both Count Raven and Saint-Vitus. Of course, you would have bet a thousand box on it, Lord Vicar plays Epic Doom in the crushing vein of the good old reverend. They only play one song on this release, but my God! What a song it is!! 'Fear Of Being Crushed' is nearly 10 minutes long and it's one of those perfectly crafted musical jewels you're always happy to find. Weeping and crushing guitars, rhythm section that sounds like the drums of DOOM coming to steal your soul and then, you have those incredibly desperate yet calm vocals of Christus. Indeed, the name of the song has been well chosen, for this is fear and sorrow you can hear in his voice, and the suffocating crushing isn't far enough after that. Really a mastersong that can only but appeal to every Epic Doom fan.

After Finland, we head to British Columbia to meet Funeral Circle. No epicness here, as the band sounds like if they were born in Birmingham and not Vancouver. Funeral Circle plays NWOBHM influenced Traditional Doom, and more than once sounds like a canadian version of The Lamp Of Toth. They're good, but you can clearly hear that they're newcomers in this genre (band members comes from Grind, Sludge and Drone acts before founding the Circle). They play two songs on their part, one being a rather average rendition of the classic 'Burning A Sinner' from Witchfinder General (just in case you weren't sure of their influences) and the other one being a cool tune with an easy to remember chorus called 'The Hexenhammer'. This song is good, but feels somewhat to much under the shadows of the various influences claimed by the band (on a side-note, how many new Trad' Doom bands that used to play other styles right before can you see headbanging on the head of a pin?). The potential is here, now it would be good if Funeral Circle were to release a real full-length, so we could judge what they really have under their belts.

All in all, a great EP that is worthy of being purchased. You won't get bored by it, as both bands deliver the goods, with a clear advantage to the Finns.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Lord Vicar - The Fear of Being Crushed
2. Funeral Circle - The Hexenhammer
3. Funeral Circle - Burning a Sinner

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the Lord Vicar bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-16 by Laurent Lignon
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