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Temples : Temples

Temples play a loud and noisy form of traditional Doom with some minor Stoner and Sludge elements.

Temples hail from what has been for the last fifteen years a Metal metropolis: Finland. This is their third demo (all of them originally released in 2009). They play a loud and noisy form of traditional Doom with some minor Stoner and Sludge elements, and actually their take on the genre is quite personal and interesting. The band shows an obvious respect for Reverend Bizzare but their music is also very much under the combined influences of Cathedral, Electric Wizard and of course the Black Sabbath from the first five albums.

The demo opens with “The Dying Nomad”, a loud, noisy, rhythmic and primitive song that has a strong jam feel, I loved it. The next song “Temples”, explores the sounds of the aforementioned bands but it brings also many psychedelic touches, making it a very interesting composition. “Oblivion Now” fits into the same dynamic; here the psych elements are toned down and the clearly more traditional form and sound will bring tears of joy in the eyes of every Reverend Bizzare die-hard fan. A change in sound comes with “Plutonian”, when the band adopts a more aggressive and harsh sound that, intertwined with some psych elements bears a close ressemblance to the post “Dopethrone” sound of Electric Wizzard, a good song but I’m not sure it works that well with the rest of the songs. The album ends with the 20 minute opus titled “The Ashes”, the song brings all of their influences together (I noticed also in the mid-section of the song that their guitarists must like Amorphis), perfectly balanced and controlled, simply the best song on the demo.

Temples are among the bands that will make a name for themselves in the scene and I think in no time they’ll be very close to the top, they have the potential for that, obviously. My only complain about the demo is the track-order that broke the continuity and the fact that in “Plutonian” their influences overcame their own personality. All in all, a worthy effort. Check that band, they truly are onto something great.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Dying Nomad
2. Temples
3. Oblivion Now
4. Plutonian
5. The Ashes
II. United By The Spirit Winds
III. Prologue Epilogue

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Temples bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-15 by Dimitris Plastiras
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