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Rorcal : Heliogabalus

It's pretty hard to get over the 75 minutes of the massive and crushing droning Post-Core Rorcal serve us.

For their last album to date, Rorcal made the choice to record one only huge track, which is not a first time for them since they already used the same formula on the 2008 albums ’Ascension’ and ’Monochrome’.

Let's just say they don't do things by halves: Heliogabalus is twice as long as ’Monochrome’ and it's pretty hard to get over these 75 minutes of massive and crushing droning Post-Core.

It would be a bit too easy to summarize their style with this term only, though, because you will also find some deep Funeral and almost Sludge feeling, as well as a few blackened parts in it, and of course some great crystal clear Drone that is really well used, at the perfect moments, when you're ready to collapse and give up, letting you float around and catching your breath in the end.

Rorcal render the heavy movements of tectonic plates, they create a musical subduction in which you are quickly sucked in. And it's an absolutely worthy experience to let you drown in the infinite vastness of a black ocean, penetrate in basaltic realms, feel the pressure against your organs, the heavy nothingness where you're alone and blind, the unexplored... you never know what will come next.

The problem is you can't hold your breath this long, and fast it comes to anoxia, absolute blackness, distress, struggle and helplessness, withdrawal and then painful implosion.

The production suits these feelings damn well, as the guitars spread out like a colossal wave of liquid cement and the bass is pushing us deeper and deeper within. But it's still extremely sick material here, for, apart from this abyssal feel, there are also those dreadful shrieks piercing through the wall of sonic lead, and sometimes over gloomy melodies that make you wonder whether the sky’s ever been of another color than grey.

The Swiss made a risky bet with this single, massively long track, which is often a hard exercise that very few bands can handle efficiently, but they have handled it with skill and well deserved success, playing different styles and in different fields, bringing us diverse feelings, without sounding pretentious and boring at the same time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Heliogabalus

Duration : Approx. 74 minutes

Visit the Rorcal bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-13 by Thibaut Merit
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