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Slow, mournful death/doom in the vein of My Dying Bride and old Paradise Lost. The music focuses on the creation of an eerie and trancelike atmosp...
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Daylight Misery : Depressive Icons

As their Greek Metal fellow-countrybands, Daylight Misery display the same kind or refined songwriting and immediate catchiness

I had a hard time trying to label Daylight Misery; was it Gothic Doom? I eventually forgot about that haphazard definition as the music unfolded its somber and aggressive moods; was it then part of the more mainstream Gothic Metal genre? Sure, you have a female operatic vs a grunting male singer, some tedious sugarcoated passages... but this is also far more complicated, mean and catchy at the same time than what usually hides beneath that pseudo style. You see, my problem is, this isnít Doom per se. In Daylight Misery, you donít have the brooding and/or melancholic and/or austere schemes Doom fits in, nor any kind of apocalyptic feel or tragic dimension...

In terms of music, no suffocating slowing-downs, no crushing riffs either. In reality, everything about Daylight Misery hints towards melodic Greek Metal. Okay, I know this is a lame description, but, in their sound, youíll find some Rotting Christ, some Septic Flesh as well as some Nightfall leftovers. I donít know why, but all those bands, whether they are more Black- or more Death- or (as in the case of Daylight Misery) more Doom-oriented, share the same kind or refined songwriting, combining attitude, allure, melodicity, and immediate catchiness. Obviously, the secret of that cocktail lies in Greece.

Dayligth Misery take their moniker from a Draconian album, I guess that means that the Greek band has a soft spot for the Swedish Goth-doomsters; however, they really donít tread the same atmospheric and romantic path. Their musical concerns are not directed towards shooting pain and insistent soul- aches; on the contrary, the Greeks flaunt a more mean and, dare I say, sardonic personality. Depressed thoughts? Not for a second! The tracks roll mid-tempo, letting some room for acoustic passages and often relying on a bouncing rhythm, be it led by some staccato guitar chords or frenzied piano lines.

To be clear, this is music to headbang to: the melodic ideas are very enticing and, if the album flows without any blanks, it appears a bit superficial and lacking emotions on the long run, so much that the end-track ĎMinority of Aí sounds really strange after the galloping fury that precedes; like from another album, it showcases a superb mournful duet violin/piano (all keyboard courtesy I guess), that transcends the bandís apparent ambitions to compose good and nice music to propel the album in a severe, slightly impressive upper sphere. A really great end for a modest, but undeniably good, first full-length.

Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Meadows Of Desire
2. Depressive Icons
3. Miserablia
4. Infinity
5. Endless Fairytale
6. Stealing Flowers From A Grave
7. Soul Embraced
8. Mind Games
9. Minority Of A

Duration : Approx. 38 minutes

Visit the Daylight Misery bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-12 by Bertrand Marchal
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