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Enoch : The Hierophant

Post Metal is a hybrid genre; Enoch is one more bead in this rosary of melting comets

It all begins with a man crying for help in the middle of nowhere. The music sounds like an avalanche of rocks chasing him, his voice echoes on the black walls that enclose the narrow passage in which he runs for his life.

Enoch fit into the Post Metal genre. The band weaves its web with agility and precision; the stiches are complex, sometimes loose, sometimes tight; the thread itself doesnít follow any coherent storyline and the burning-hot chords are set free into the above-imagined canyon like so many beasts hooting, barking and growling. The lead guitar lets erupt its discordant and elastic notes in a profusion of fuzz and reverb, the sound is acrid and thick. The rhythm section takes a more direct jazzy road, laying a hectic and whimsical carpet, structuring the frenzied race, sounding like a landmark in the moving tide of the guitar, which releases its molecules with a virulent passion for improvisation that will never flag throughout the eight tracks this first album is made of.

Enoch is an experience much more impulsive and instinctive than intellectual. The band's strength is its adventurous spirit, its energy never caught out cheating: everything is true because everything happens in the thick of the race... notes pile up, entangling with an almost wild determination. The clear voice, distant in the mix, shouts its angry anguish, bringing, if any were even more needed, an increased eagerness and anxiety.

Enochís music is modern, it hounds erratically without stopping, without ever taking the time to truly build an atmosphere. Little atmosphere in this album, but like some long tracks of the Finnish band Circle, a hypnosis brought by the relentless rolling and the telluric power of the instruments that enjoy (the term is excessive because Enoch are very serious) digging huge vortex of sound that literally raise the dust out of the rug on which the speakers stand. Drone Doom then makes its triumphal entry: plunging the listener into long dark tunnels where only the drums (excellently mastered) still manage to articulate clear and dynamic notes. At those moments, youíre not too far from the mind-numbing hypnosis of Sleep.

Post Metal is a hybrid genre, and Isis is not Giant Squid, which is not Pelican. Enoch is one more bead in this rosary of melting comets. More intensely than many others, they burned my ears. It's now your turn to be hurt.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Infinity
2. The Fickle Whims of the Almighty
3. Space Wizard
4. Plague Bearer
5. The Hierophant
6. Moth
7. Robbie's Song
8. A Riff Too Far

Duration : Approx. 67 minutes

Visit the Enoch bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-09 by Bertrand Marchal
Hate Your Guts Records
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