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This one-man project by Temnarod produces a kind of funeral doom that dwell somewhere in between cold cynicism, blind panic, and utter despair. The vocals vary ...
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Dark Covenant : Eulogies For The Fallen

Dark Covenant play old games with their own rules.

Back there in 2009, the eponymous demo of this French Canadian band was a good lesson on how to be a Candlemass worshipper and still bear your own identity. That first release brought the band some great feedback, and got them a contract with the French label EmanesMETAL (The Bottle Doom Lazy Band, Children Of Doom).

What will first strike the listener is the musical evolution. Don't be afraid, Dark Covenant are still playing Epic Doom by the book, but the Candlemass’ influences are now mixed with more Epic Heavy ones, mainly borrowed from Manilla Road (and this is even more true in the vocal departement, where Wodansson sounds like a mix between Robert Lowe and Mark Shelton). Therefore, the 4 tracks that were featured on the demo ('Forever Amongst The Ruins', 'Black Raven', 'Perennial Solitude' and 'Black Sun Rising') get a new massive injection of heaviness (the start of 'Black Raven' is guaranteed to break some necks before the quiet part hits). If you except both intro and outro, there are just 3 new tracks here, but they are some of the best Epic Doom I've heard in ages. It'll be very difficult for the fans to resist the catchy choruses of 'Ascension Denied' and 'Visions Of salvation', really the stand-out tracks of the new songs. You’ll be forced to shout them along, no doubt!

The only flaw one could find in this record is simply the fact that it brings nothing new to the genre. But it's also the case with many great records around there, and what makes Dark Covenant stand out from the crowd is mostly the fact that they play old games with their own rules. People lamenting the death of Reverend Bizarre, people complaining about Solitude Aeturnus not releasing more albums or those that still worship Sorcerer's only album are sure to find here what they're craving for. It seems that the Quebec Doom scene is on the rise, and Dark Covenant lead them to battle with a brave and fierce stance. Warrior-minded Epic Doom fans simply cannot miss this record; it will certainly open them the doors to Walhalla.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The End-Time Congregation (Intro)
2. Forever Amongst the Ruins
3. Visions of Salvation
4. Ascension Denied
5. Black Raven
6. Perennial Solitude
7. Black Sun Rising
8. A Broken Sword Reforged
9. Dirgevows (Outro)

Duration : Approx. ?? minutes

Visit the Dark Covenant bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-04-01 by Laurent Lignon
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