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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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This band plays very atmospheric and high quality death/doom-metal. Perhaps best comparable to early Anathema, mixed in with the epic doom of While He...
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Aldebaran : Buried Beneath Aeons

Aldebaran bartered their Sludgy rags against the feeling of void that lies in the heart of darkness.

Like Skepticism, Aldebaran took the liberty to compose a long track of slightly less than thirty minutes. A tour de force and a potent odyssey that navigates between aquatic and despondent passages; beginning with an Ahab touch with mournful apathetic guitar chords that fall like dismal drops of water, instilling a state of anxious stupor before a deep thundering biblical blasphemous growl blows its burning-hot breath on the oceanic rest and sets the scenery ablaze.

Aldebaran bartered their wild Sludgy rags against the feeling of void that lies in the heart of darkness. Its jungle is inside its anger, inside its dark chants, spreading down vast rivers at the funerary pace of the old rusted, black-as-onyx vessel they chose to travel on. Down, further down will take you the hallucinated slow pounding drumming and heavy-as-the-primordial-wrath riffs. The music is one with a cataclysmic collapse akin to what Evoken and Asunder are capable of releasing. The long voyage is a hit on the soul; itís extreme Death Doom of a unique bare and emotional kind, a cold and occult jungle where that band roams - no longer behind, but beside Ahab, Evoken and Asunder, entering the realm of the Doom gods with them.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. Buried Beneath Aeons

Duration : Approx. 28 minutes

Visit the Aldebaran bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-24 by Bertrand Marchal
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