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Melodic doom/death band with strong musical ties to My Dying Bride. The music includes weeping guitars, rare speed bursts, growls and occational female v...
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Lacryma Sanguine : As The Autumn Ends

Lacryma Sanguine from Brazil play Death Doom of the atmospheric and slightly romantic kind.

After taking a look at the song titles, it will hardly come as a surprise to anyone that Lacryma Sanguine from Brazil play Death Doom of the atmospheric and slightly romantic kind. But one should not dismiss this band as just another cheesy My Dying Bride rip-off. Even though there are indeed hardly any original and unique moments to be found on this debut-EP, the songs virtually breathe the musicians’ love for the genre, making them highly enjoyable.

There are thus no big surprises on this short release when it comes to the musical elements used. Melodic guitars, deep growls and occasional shrieks, prominent keyboards delivering melancholic string-arrangements. Saturnus seem to be a core influence to this band, a reminiscence which strongly characterises the whole EP. Especially the breaks with their soft keyboards, clean guitar patterns, elegiac lead guitar and mournful spoken word could be taken from some forgotten page of the Danish doomsters’ songbook. What sets Lacryma Sanguine apart from said band is the occasional use of slightly more aggressive midtempo parts which are closer to the British scene – names like The Prophecy or My Silent Wake come to mind.

Those who are looking for something fresh and new will be disappointed here. But anyone who still enjoys listening to some good old atmospheric Death Doom laden with emotions of melancholy and nostalgia should definitely give this a try. If your passion for the genre is only half as great as that of these six Brazilians, you will most likely end up forgiving their unoriginal approach after just a few moments. The songwriting is very good for a debut release and the production, albeit no match for that of bigger releases, is clear and strong enough to bring across the musical ideas and enable to listener to enjoy the material without worrying about the sound quality all the time. This young band has apparently set out on a path to creating beautiful Doom Metal without big compromises, and I am eager to follow them and hope to hear a full-length album in due time. According to their website, it is already in the making.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Her Bloody Wings
2. As the Autumn Ends
3. One Last Kiss

Duration : Approx. 22 minutes

Visit the Lacryma Sanguine bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-22 by Dominik Sonders
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