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MistGuide : Evolve From Grave

Although it's labeled Funeral Doom, MistGuide combines various elements making for a rather interesting experience.

MistGuide is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Mehtar, a pseudo deriving from a Persian word meaning 'mighty'. Haling from Finland, this one-man band has been active since 2009 and has recorded a bunch of self-released EPs until Satanarsa Records signed the act in 2010 for a full-length: Evolve From Grave.

Although being labeled Funeral Doom Metal, MistGuide combines various elements making for a rather interesting experience. Expect very raw production, as in 'basement raw' production. The guitars are mostly hidden in a cloud of distortion and placed very low in the mix, as if they were coming from six feet deep under, giving to the whole a creepy boneyard atmosphere. Drums get only a slightly better treatment, but in doing so Mehtar makes the listener unsure whether it's programmed or not (though I suspect the former). As for the vocals, this is probably what's the most annoying on this record: Mehtar uses a Black Metal-like voice but rather in the form of Black Metal spoken words and he incessantly spews forth his filth for life without any remarkable variations in tone and delivery which gives the weird feeling of listening to an hour long diatribe...

With such images, you’d think Catacombs or Hierophant with a rabid vocalist on cocaine, but MistGuide also hides quite a good share of melodies in its songs. It is sometimes found in the simple yet effective riffing and comes sometimes in the form of a discrete classical piano buried in the mix. Songs are not overly long and that’s something most welcome because, if there’s really something that prevents this album from being something memorable, it's the monotony and linearity of it. While it boasts some fine qualities, first and foremost the ability to combine some very raw Funeral Doom with a propensity for melodies, the songs' structure remains invariably the same and in the end it’s hard to distinguish one track from the other, bringing the replay value to a near zero, as nothing really stands out.

Good ideas and poor execution don't make for a great record and that's about the only, albeit major, drawback to be found in Evolve From Grave. Yet, hopes may be still held high for a sophomore release, provided it doesn't turn out to be the debut copycat.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Evolve From Grave
2. My Guide
3. The Rust
4. My Past
5. Misery Dawn
6. On This Sadness
7. Release
8. Ritual

Duration : Approx; 50 minutes

Visit the MistGuide bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-13 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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