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Aethyr : Messio

Aethyr is an obscure Russian duo that offer a disturbing and depressing piece of filthy Doom.

Aethyr is an obscure duo that's offered the world a record by the name of ’Messio’. Released on a rather unknown Russian label, R.A.I.G., the CD comes in a nice black cardboard case with the logo pressed in silver on the front page, while the case contains a small white sheet with occult drawings of a heptagram and some obscure divinities accompanying the little information that is available.

That said, the first track, ’a.c.s.I’ begins with some deep bass drones and a recital, most likely by Aleister Crowley (perhaps that can explain the letters 'a' and 'c' in the title, only Satan knows what the third one stands for), not owing anything to the listener and reminding that this is not supposed to be a pleasing listen. Later tracks consist of monotonous drum poundings with the bass coming in an out (mostly staying in the sound), occasional guitar lines bordering on the edge of harmony and samples, either distantly reminding of something like choirs, more Crowley, or a few distorted screams of some wild beast undergoing an unanesthetized vivisection while forcedly facing the hell of a Justin Bieber picture.

The piece is thus disturbing and depressing and the bass drones are likely to draw the listener not familiar with noise and drone up the wall. The worst nightmares come when the pounding occasionally stops for a while, leaving nothing but guitar / bass screeches do the work and further bombard the listener's sanity. However, building upon the filthiest out of doom and black metal, the result of the droning are actually structures of occult atmospheres, disturbance and negativity, with a bit of melancholy scattered especially through the brief moments when the noisicians recall that their instruments actually can play tones. Or, perhaps in the vein of some Godflesh or Nadja recordings, when the musical lines repeated ad nauseam - while allowing new and new layers of instruments and sounds to come into the game, building massive walls of noise - actually change, the listener is reminded that there actually might be something like a structure and some fairly inspired thinking underneath all this.

Overall, this is a fairly solid drone record, resembling a much filthier and unpolished (by this I mean, in particular the very unclean feedback distortion, that sounds like if the members were used to change their amps very often) version of projects like Kodiak, Black Boned Angel, TenHornedBeast or some of the blackened and noisier moments of Sunn O)))'s ’Black One’. If you ever get headaches from music, avoid this at all costs; if you instead enjoy the unenjoyable, be it drone or rhythmic noise, the hereby reviewed disc offers a nice landscape for ritual self- sacrifice.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. a.c.s.I
2. occultus I
3. mass II
4. occultus II
5. ave_S
6. occultus III
7. a.c.s.II

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Aethyr bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-10 by Lukas
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