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Funeral Inconscientemente Natural : Des Visions d'Ombres et de Tristesses

More than a record that compiles Funeral Inconscientemente Natural's greatest songs, it feels as if it were a Various Artists release.

Hailing from Chile, Funeral Inconscientemente Natural (FIN) have been active since 2006. Active also in the sense that they have kept releasing various numerous offerings and they have built quite a prolific discography, mainly split LPs. And after five years, they now release a best-of compilation entitled Des Visions d’Ombres et de Tristesses, French for 'Visions of Shadows and Sadness', but wait... it's their second best-of. Now that’s quite the feat. On the back cover of the CD, you’ll learn that the very first one was not oh-so-satisfying and that FIN’s true fans will now have solid material to rave on.


More than a record that compiles the band’s greatest songs, it feels as if it were a Various Artists release, for FIN’s music is always different from one track to another. They sometimes play raw Funeral Doom a la Bosque, sometimes it’s more Dark Ambient that is reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti or Brian Eno, sometimes they give way to something more ‘Dark Metal’-sounding... in the end, you have nine songs of great disparity that fail to bring a sense of harmony. Almost on each and every song, the guitars sound different, the vocals sound different, even the lyrical themes seem to be non sequitur since you can hop from a ‘Conversation with the Asteroid 1181’ to something more tragic with ‘A Tormented Soul'.

Alas, there is one permanent feature in FIN’s music: it’s utterly uninspired and boring. Yes, there were mentions of Bosque or Badalamenti and the previous statement might seem a bit out of place but think of it more as failed attempts to reproduce these guys’ sound rather than an original take on their music. The CD’s nine tracks are painful to hear till the very end and the fact that the CD artwork is crap, added to the aforementioned feeling that there is no unity (or real musical craft) between the various songs, sinks the value of this record even deeper.

It still puzzles me why a band with such mindless compositions would ever want to release a second best-of! Now maybe this is not intended for Doom Metal fans but rather for wimpy depressive emo chicks for whom every now and then there’s a good enough reason to slit some wrists. Actually, I may actually be compassionate and understand their deeper motives because after the fourth play of Des Visions d’Ombres et de Tristesses, I'm starting to feel a little suicidal myself.
Hey, that thing over there... it does look sharp enough...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. The Winds of... Delirum
2. Diosa (Solemne Canto)
3. Conversation with the Asteroid 1181
4. In the Mist (Alice)
5. El Ciclo de la Impotencia de la Conciencia
6. A Tormented Soul
7. Dusk, Wine & Shadows (Live at Doom Voice Conversation II)
8. La Rose de mon Sépulcre
9. Ausencia

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes

Visit the Funeral Inconscientemente Natural bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-09 by Frédéric Cerfvol
No God Only Pain
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