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Melancholic sounding Gothic/Doom with tendencies towards Death/Doom. Uses both clean male vocals and grunts, as well as female vocals and a lot of keyboards. Th...
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Descend Into Despair : Wings of Solitude

Descend Into Despair write tragic and romantic Death-Doom songs.

Descend Into Despair is a two-guy Death-Doom outfit from Romania and ’Wings Of Solitude’ is their first demo; obviously, they took all the time they needed to release something really worthwhile.

It’s a tragic and romantic unbridled odyssey the band writes: heavy and vivid, the pace goes mid-tempo and won’t abate. The songs develop throughout a convincing melodramatic scope, sustained by the efficient use of languid key- lines dragging their tragic notes. The growls are deep and savage; add some dynamic riffage that just accompanies and strengthens the musical stampede and some repeated spoken passages -‘gothified’ through an echo-effect (think of Fields of the Nephilim minus the theatricality) - and you basically have it all. Each track won’t swerve from the rhythm that has been imposed from the start. You can say the instrumentation is very meager; the goal is to reach an intensity, a striking impact - and it works indeed.

The scale might be different from song to song, but the basic composition idea remains the same: an intensity, an overwhelming running-over effect. The clear atonal voice, dramatized by the echo, is used now an then; some sad violin lines, some plodding guitar’s chords, and some sort of a strangled chanting choir are other tools repeatingly used by the band.

They make do with very little, a little effort for the best effect; conscious of their technical limits, Descend Into Despair bring us a military ration, spare but invigorating. With enough atmosphere (a bit twisted, a bit pompous, a bit esoteric, very personal at any rate) to convince. The band shows a real adventurous sense in its music: the ideas, so scarce and so repeated they can be, are all very interesting and the whole works really well. On top of it, they have the talent of the gothic and the weird. Being a first release, you already have in your hands all the needed ingredients to make the future album a lasting work, richer and more diverse. Let’s now see...

Reviewer's rating: 7.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Wings of Solitude
3. Otherworld
4. Frozen Tears Upon the Statue of Grief
5. Outro

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes

Visit the Descend Into Despair bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-04 by Bertrand Marchal
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