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Embrace Of Silence : Autumn Despair

Embrace Of Silence is a young band, and like any young band, they need to work a bit more to make their own musical personality grow up.

Embrace Of Silence is a young band, and like any young band, they need to work a bit more to allow their own musical personality to grow up. A band under the combined influence of My Dying Bride and Katatonia, even if they need to borrow some musical ideas, they certainly show true technical abilities. A long intro on keyboards, followed by a weeping duo between an electric and an electro-acoustic guitar... one cannot deny that the Ukrainians do know their 'Doom/Death For Dummies' all by heart. This EP features your classic Doom/Death recipe: harsh and cold guitars (mixed a bit too much in front, to the point that sometimes you just can't hear the keyboard), keyboard/piano, deep low grunts and a slow rhythmic pace. Then comes the second song, 'Darkness', and everything changes: Embrace Of Silence turn suddenly into a rather bland Black/Doom band (think of early Katatonia, in more blackish style). I could say that this song, right after a more classic Doom/Death one, was a kind of an unexpected turn. This idea of mixing Black parts with Doom/Death comes again, albeit a bit less convincing, in the song 'Lovelorn'. Yet, even that won’t make Embrace Of Silence stand up between the hordes of other Doom/Death bands coming from ex-USSR countries.

Some may think that I'm maybe a bit too draconian in my judgement, but to tell you the truth, despite some average music, I still liked what Embrace Of Silence have shown to me. Some could say that it's because I'm a sucker for every My Dying Bride/Katatonia-inspired band, others that I need a new pair of ears. But the main reason is that, below the pile of clichés, I've smelt potential. And one things that caught my ear was the fact that Embrace Of Silence know how to handle their instruments. Too many Doom/Death bands, especially in the romantic subgenre, do think that ripping off entire riffs from My Dying Bride is enough to make themselves a reputation. At least, Embrace Of Silence are trying to get their own riffs, and they play it well (the song 'Autumn Despair' is clearly the standout track here, showing promising ideas). Nothing is more unnerving than listening to a good song that will suddenly turns up into a horrible experience because of a badly timed drum part, or cheesy clear vocals, or a badly played guitar solo. None of this is present in Embrace Of Silence's music. They may lack ideas, but certainly not technique.

Sure, Embrace Of Silence is still dwelling in the shadow of their influential bands (as can be seen by their downloadable EP 'Influential Songs', which features good cover versions of songs by My Dying Bride, Anathema, Katatonia and Silencer), but sometimes, in the middle of a track, one or two good ideas surprisingly pop up (the bridges and the atmospheric parts on 'Falling Into Fear', for example). As said before, Embrace Of Silence is a young band and they need time to develop. Right now, I would suggest the purchase of their EP only to the most die-hard among the romantic Doom/Death fans. But I'm convinced that they can, and will, do better next time. And I will definitively wait for that next time to come.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Intro
2. Bleeding Time
3. Darkness
4. Falling Into Fear
5. Lovelorn
6. Autumn Despair

Duration : pprox. 41 minutes

Visit the Embrace Of Silence bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-03-04 by Laurent Lignon
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