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The Black : Gorgoni

Upon the first spin, this album of The Black can surprise a bit...

The Italian Heavy Doom legends are back with a huge offering, six years after their last two albums. The band is well-known in the scene, and their legacy is vast. Since their early stages, they have reached a cult status, and have today a small, yet devoted fan-base. The band's mastermind Mario Di Donato began to play in the 70s with Respiro di Cane, and afterwards with bands like Unreal Terror and Requiem. Nowadays, you can also hear him in the first albums by Abysmal Grief and Sancta Sanctorum. As its title indicates, this album is based on the Gorgons, whose monstrosity obsessed him these last years. It is also by far the band's longest effort: more than 75 minute long.

The first spin can surprise a bit. The singing is here a bit different from their previous recordings. However, all the characteristic elements of the band are present. They still play this unique Doom Metal with progressive and Heavy Metal leanings which forged their reputation.

There are some excellent songs on this album: 'Perseus', 'Monstrum', 'Steno' or 'Obscuritas' are, amongst others, titles worthy of such a band. Each track has something good to offer, so the listener never gets bored.

Nevertheless, the length of this album can become a problem if you're not in the right mood for a long listening experience. 'Metamorphoses', the 15 minute-long title closing the album, is quite a strange one. It consists of a down-pitched patchwork of the previous songs, which doesn't bring much to the album, and which could be frustrating for people who have had their fill of music in one hour.

Because of its length, and since The Black is a unique band whose sound is hard to get into for newcomers, it'd be better for you to purchase their older and shorter recordings. But if you're familiar with the band, and still didn't buy this last album, be sure to have it in your hands soon: it's an excellent one, and every spin reveals something new. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Proludium
2. Monstrum
3. Medusa
4. Perseus
5. Euriale
6. Phorcus
7. Steno
8. Obscuritas
9. Pegasus
10. Serpentis
11. In Lapidem Muto
12. Occumbere Morte
13. Altamir
14. Metamorphoses - Transfiguratio I
15. Metamorphoses - Transfiguratio II
16. Metamorphoses - Transfiguratio III
17. Metamorphoses - Transfiguratio IV

Duration : Approx. 77 minutes

Visit the The Black bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-02-28 by Rubén Muñoz - - Bertrand
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