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Aldebaran : Pleasures of War

This is the first release by Aldebaran, the new band by members of YOB, H.C. Minds and Tusks Of Blood. It's just slightly less than 7 minutes in length, but it still portrays the band to be a quite promising newcomer in the sludge/stoner genre. More specifically these guys belong in the corner of really filthy sludge/stoner. There is just one thing that this release doesn't have, but which the split with Rue has; the strong stoner/doom vibe from the YOB influence.

The first track, 'Pleasures Of War', is short (approximately two and a half minute in length) and has no stoner influences at all. Instead it focuses on extremely aggressive sludgecore. Just to give you an idea of how aggressive; the refrain is just a chant that goes "WAR! WAR! WAR!". Yet it would be a mistake to just call this a pro-war song as the track begins with what seems like a description of radiation victims. [edit by reviewer: It thus refers to the horrors rather than the pleasures of war.] It is also worth mentioning that the lyrics are clearly far more accusing than they are supporting.

Unlike the first track, the second track, 'Astoroth', has very prominent stoner elements. It's still filthy but nowhere near as aggressive. It deals with christian mythology. More precisely the fallen angel Astoroth. Not very surprisingly the lyrics are very "evil".

I don't know if it is just the copy that I've got or if the entire production of this 7" has been the victim of a production error. On my copy at least, the labels on the vinyl itself has switched sides so that on side a it says that it's track two.

Despite the short length of this 7", I would still have to say that I've enjoyed it a lot. Both tracks are high quality and is recommended for all sludge fans and those who like stoner rock with a bite.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
I. Pleasures Of War
II. Astoroth

Duration : Approx. 7 minutes

Visit the Aldebaran bandpage.

Reviewed on 09-02-2006 by Arnstein Petersen
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