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Kill The Easter Rabbit : Apokatastasis

Kill The Eastern Rabbit mix Grunge, Stoner and Doom to bring you a tasty cocktail.

What a great album!

The band doesn’t have a long history (two demos, two splits), or much experience or a significant reputation, but these guys from Kill The Eastern Rabbit have talent and ideas to spare. This album is the first solid, lengthy chapter of their young discography, but the baby doesn’t stammer anymore, his language is articulated and his objectives are clear: to bring the house down.

K.T.E.R. is a band with humour (its moniker proves it), which is already a good point, it is also oh-so-capable of tempering it with angry outbursts, overwhelming collapses and even - as if, during its period of gestation, the baby had already been contemplating the world ad nauseam, and agreed to its complete futility - a real melancholy.

Stoner, Doom, Grunge, Alternative Rock... the fusion is richly coloured and exciting; the label won’t really stick: to be clear, K.T.E.R. is not strictly speaking a Doom band, it's heavy Hard Rock, a re-designed version of Nirvana's and Pearl Jam's Grunge.

Relentlessly, the rhythm section hammers its groove, like a hot-burning flow, crossed by hyperkinetic twitches, flown over by snarling leads, sharp as blades. A thrashy groove, a voice like a steamroller, fiery, full of oppressive tensions and heavy Doom passages build up the structure of the album. The drummer diversifies the patterns, causing an imbalance, an anxiety. The clear voice is a bit clumsy, these moments suggest some alternative Rock touches (hence my previous analogy) - but it works well, nonetheless.

Kill the Easter rabbit’s Metal has turned red-hot under the fire of rebellion, and rare are the moments of respite; the last two tracks stand out: heavier, more Doom. The basic rhythm remains very strong, but the vocals are very 'emotional' in the best tradition of Grunge, the pace is slower and it is very stormy and dramatic.

Since I received it, I’ve given ’Apokatastasis’ a lot of spins and not for one second I got tired of it. It is tonic, headbanging, inspired, rich and powerful. Totally recommended!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Apokatastasis
2. Oath of Tetraktys
3. Autosuggestion
4. Blind King
5. Twilight of the Idols
6. Lost in Desert
7. The Waste at Dawn
8. Silent Hour

Duration : Approx. 48 minutes

Visit the Kill The Easter Rabbit bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-02-26 by Bertrand Marchal
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