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Doomshine : The Piper At The Gates Of Doom

Doomshine's sophomore offering doesn't quite match the excellence of the first opus.

I’ll start with a statement: Doomshine is one of my favourite bands and the moment I got a copy of their new album I wanted to review it. Their first album was and still is the yardstick I use when reviewing new Doom albums, especially of the Epic kind, and I’m going to do the same for this one too. The album title is a word play on Pink Floyd’s debut album title ’The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn’ and the cover features references to the famous German folk tale of the piper that used his musician abilities to rid a town of the mice that plagued it.

The album opens with 'Sanctuary Demon (Chapter Of Prognosis)' and my first impression is that it sounds close to the first album, but with some differences, mostly in the less complex structure and less progressive elements. 'Actors Of The Storm' is a continuation of this more accessible form of their slow epic and heavy sound – which gives non-doomsters the chance to enjoy their music. Things start to become heavier with 'Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall' and 'Rivers Of January' with the second featuring a great vocal performance. Some elements of their natural melancholy, that dominated their first album, make an appearance in 'Doomshine Serenade (Chapter Of Sepsis)', whilst 'The Crow Pilot' shows their darker and melodic side. A good surprise is 'Cold Cypher Ceven', a song that features a great solo that works perfectly with the wailing vocals of the singer. 'Vanishing (Shine And Deception)' that follows continues in same vein, and as it slowly progresses, I realize that most changes are not due to the band itself but to the production that, although clean, gives the sound a too bright polish, removing layers of the innate darkness a Doom band has. Another surprise is 'Waltzhalla' that, although full of the band's trademarks, could also be part of the tracklist of a Doomsword’s album: very heavy and epic, one of the most interesting sounding songs on the album. The opus ends with 'Godhunter (Chapter Of Nemesis)', a heavy composition, that features some weird, distorted vocals that give a suffocating atmosphere to the song.

My overall opinion is that the band manages to sail safe between the moving reefs that a second album, coming after a very successful debut, can be. It hasn't made the same impression of the first one on me, mostly because of the production, which erodes some of the bands characteristics, but I must admit that it brings many other things under the spotlight, like the great guitar work. That was my opinion as a fan; as a reviewer and not a fanatic, I can say that the album will appeal to everyone into bands like Trouble, While Heaven Wept, Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Sanctuary Demon (Chapter Of Prognosis)
2. Actors of the Storm
3. Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall
4. Rivers of January
5. Doomshine Serenade (Chapter Of Sepsis)
6. The Crow Pilot
7. Cold Cypher Ceven
8. Vanished (Shine And Deception)
9. Waltzhalla
10. Godhunter (Chapter Of Nemesis)

Duration : Approx. 73 minutes

Visit the Doomshine bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-02-19 by Dimitris Plastiras
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