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Spiritus Mortis : Spiritus Mortis (Remastered)

This re-release of Spiritus Mortis’s self-titled album is a welcome initiative for all Heavy Doom fans.

The self-titled album of the Finnish band Spiritus Mortis has already been reviewed on doom-metal; this 2010 edition, however, is slightly more substantial as it features 4 extra tracks, making the album clock at 50 minutes. That’s a big hearty dish that you are served with. Spiritus Mortis play a rich, fat, energizing kind of Heavy Doom Metal; diverse, fluent and quite digestible on top of it all.

So, I won’t repeat what has already been described here. The fact is, the music on display is really catchy, tracing its course between melancholic odes, eerie, almost oriental moods (like in ‘Beyond’), bold Rock-ish attitude, epic chants and more soft, despondent moments. The band knows how to sustain the listener’s attention: they don’t seem to follow any premeditated patterns, it’s all twists and turns for our delight. Headbang, fist in the sky, you won’t escape their irresistible potency.

The four extra songs are along the same lines:

‘Dead, Dying Or Alive’ is made of really big crunchy riffs, loose and greasy bass chords plodding along (the bass is a major element of Spiritus Mortis’s music). The mood is really doomy; the song progresses quite slowly, drenched in distress. The voice of Vesa Lampi sounds a bit affected at times (he’s a great singer; it’s a voice that has ‘seen a lot’, if I may say. He can modulate his warm and powerful vocal lines in always convincing ways)

‘Bigger Than God’ has been given more rhythm, the music is vivid, it rocks and rolls. To be honest, this isn’t a very memorable song.

‘Mystic Morning’ showcases some more nice bass lines, galloping riffs, a sensual soft female choir and a heroic and warm ode to the steel. The song has a progressive and epic scope, it has a virile and Rock-ish atmosphere, alternating between those mournful and despondent moments and a bright vitality.

‘Albert’ is a friendly homage to Albert Witchfinder from Reverend Bizarre (he took part to the song ‘Rise from Hell’ as guest vocalist on this album and is now the official singer of Spiritus Mortis). It’s yet another slow- tempo track, the riffs are monotonously trudging, repeating the same motive like a evil mantra. The voice once again brings a lot of emotion into the mix. That’s a nice song.

This re-release is a welcome initiative. Whilst the first edition was already mandatory for all Heavy Doom lovers, this one brings even more dark, brooding, heroic and cunning music. You know what you have to do.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
3.Vow to the Sun
4.Death Walking
5.Doom Mood
6.Rise From Hell
7.Forbidden Arts
8.Baron Samedi
10.Tortilla Flat
11.Suite No. 18
12....In Me
13.The Mighty One
15. Dead, Dying Or Alive
16. Bigger Than God
17. Mystic Morning
18. Albert

Duration : Approx. 50 minutes

Visit the Spiritus Mortis bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-02-17 by Bertrand Marchal
Aesthetic Death
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