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Forever Autumn : Waiting For Oktober

Forever Autumnís doomy soundscapes lay on an fragile acoustic architecture.

From the first seconds of the album, youíre invited to enter a well-known Folk world which, however, will strike you by the simplicity of its components and by the strong personality that animates them. Forget about the martial percussions and industrial exhalations of Of The Wand And The Moon, the crawling uneasiness of Amber Asylum, or the long, cloudy and over-sweet odes ŗ la Sigur Ros. No soppiness here, no excess of any kind. But you wonít be able to use this album as background music either, you wonít put it on to help you to fall asleep. This isnít catchy at all, though it has a lot of presence, a lot of truth and itís inhabited by a vibrating emotion, something you hardly encounter in the mainstream Post-Rockish scene.

The music is rough, straight from the heart. The production is raw, stripped down to the bone, to the soul. Itís all simply organized: a recitative voice, husky and tired, thin guitar lines, some hit chords, some tragic cello notes... itís meditative and foggy, like old tales told by the fire, wolves, and forest, tales of loss and woe...

The album tells of ancient ballads, modulated with the intonations of a bard, without ever giving in to the kind of embarrassing complacency typical of adulterated folklore. The music is well-balanced, between cocoon-like moods, forest cold mists, patches of moss, where dew vibrates under ther pale morning sun and grey clouds rumbling in the sky. Droning guitars, sad arpeggios, languishing cello strokes. Sometimes, the voice gets seized by a burst of lyricism that breaks the affliction and makes the head lift up and look far in the distance.

Forever Autumnís music sounds like the atmospheric distillate of a deep and quiet contemplation of nature. It has an element of nostalgic charm about it, it has an archaic aura, uncluttered, where things re-concentrate on themselves. There is sun, rain, woods and sea, autumn that prepares for winter, nature becomes withdrawn, breathes slower, keeps its sap in anticipation of the harshness to come. This is a time when people gather around the fire, share memories, brood over dreams, talk about their hopes. A slow, plodding rhythm, upon a layer of cello, leads the melancholic walk.

Forever Autumnís soundscapes lay on an fragile acoustic architecture. The mix between neoclassical music and dark-folk is precious and delicate, a touch imprecise, like a thought on the loose. The album is a non-stop delight. Shifting from languid and simple music to sober and silky-smooth aesthetics, always stamped by an inspiration freed from any influences, Forever Autumn follow their lonely path seeking expressiveness, emotion and fragility and focusing on the essential in art. Warmly recommended.

Reviewer's rating: 8/10


Tracklist :
1. sound of snow
2. you cannot be cured by love
3. waiting for Ųktober
4. ragnarŲk
5. as the crow flies
6. deities of sleep
7. entropy
8. I am sorrow
9. hagalaz canít see my dreams
10. emaciated

Duration : Approx: 66 minutes

Visit the Forever Autumn bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-01-11 by Bertrand Marchal
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