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This one man project by Vlad Cristea Vales is probably the most productive funeral doom project to date. In just three years he has released a total of eleven d...
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AstorVoltaires : Katan Nagantü

AstorVoltaires is a one-man atmo Doom band lead by Juan Escobar, vocalist and keyboardist of Mar de Grises.

AstorVoltaires is a one-man band lead by Juan Escobar, vocalist and keyboardist of Mar de Grises. The project explores the softer edges of its elder and develops dark and energetic elegies where the guitar has the main part. It’s soft, romantic and all swollen up by complex Prog Rock outgrowths, a tentation toward sophistication that already lay in the core of Mar de Grises’ music. Here, all Death elements are left aside and only the clean and powerful parts remain.

The voice is a clear male baritone, warm and fluent that sometimes turns into an angry scream; all the lyrics are in Spanish, which also brings a typical melodicity. The instrumentation is very varied: piano, acoustic guitar, keyboard, drums, bass... the guy really masters everything; the result reminds of Katatonia, Kauan, Office of Strategic Influence – OSI, for the discrete electronic effects. It’s thoughtful, mellow and flows quietly all along with, now and then, some more intense momentums that explode in a burst of violence.

On the whole, AstorVoltaires’ music sounds like a musical diary covered with melancolic and bitter thoughts. Some songs conceal a real inventivity like ‘Busco in Finale’, where the vocal lines follow the guitars’ melody and bring nice dynamics, or ‘Vísperas de Dulces Melodias Cósmicas’, which is a swaying chant with great bass lines, ‘Ansiedad’ where Juan shrinks his voice to a whisper and displays nice round bass lines, acoustic guitar and dry drumming to highlight the scope of his band’s intentions: a romantic ride in an autumnal soundscape.

That’s a nice trip we’re invited to. Relaxed most of the time, it can also turn into a savage gallop, like the song ‘Fuente’ dramatically demonstrates. It’s the most aggressive track of the album, with rolling drum blasts and death-ish shouts and it reminds you that a ride in the countryside can also be quite hectic.

Reviewer's rating: 6.5/10


Tracklist :
1. Máscara
2. Tiempo de Perder
3. Crisol
4. Busco un Final
5. Ansiedad
6. Katan Nagantü
7. Escamas de Óxido
8. Fuente
9. El Momento
10. Vísperas de Dulces Melodias Cósmicas

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the AstorVoltaires bandpage.

Reviewed on 2011-01-02 by Bertrand Marchal
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