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Kimaera : Solitary Impact

Kimaera have now developed their own identity, strongly rooted in their Lebanese culture.

Four years have passed since the release of 'Ebony Veiled', the first album of this Lebanese band. During this period, profound changes in the line-up took place, the most significant being the departure of vocalist Sabine Hamad to join the excellent Australian trad Doom band Rituals Of The Oak. Most importantly, Kimaera has tremendously matured over the past four years. If their Gothic Death/Doom based in the mid 90s is always present (one thinks of early Theatre Of Tragedy, Orphanage, or German Crematory), the portion of Doom has been greatly increased.

Above all, Kimaera have now developed their own identity and no longer hesitate a second to take inspiration from the culture of their country to build their songs (the superb "A Silent Surrender ', a mix between traditional Lebanese music and Doom/Death ala Early My Dying Bride, or the beautiful electric and acoustic Arabic arpeggios found in 'In The Shade Of Nephilim').

Another great idea is the coming of a violinist. Admittedly, this is nothing new in romantic Doom/Death, but the playing full of subbtelty of Milia Fares remains permanently rooted in the musical culture of her country and never tends to take the easy way that would be a pseudo-Baroque sound that too often characterizes poor imitators of the Yorkshire gang. Coupled with a very clever use of keyboards (probably the best use of keyboards in Doom/Death I've heard in 2010) and female vocals, the violin chords beautifully integrate and enhance the emotional scope of songs like 'All That I Am. "

Unfortunately, the album features a true error of casting, absolutely shocking to my taste: the 1 minute 40 seconds that open 'The Taste Of Treason'. I have nothing against pure Death Metal, but there is a real aggression that pollutes the ears... just after, however, the song goes on in a more conventional Doom/Death way and is much more enjoyable. In fact, the song is even better without the sudden introduction. Well, just a minor fault.

With 'Solitary Impact', Kimaera have finally reached a certain maturity, and their Gothic Doom/Death is one of the most uplifting I have listened to this year. Many bands, from Russia and Ukraine particularily, should take a leaf out of their book: Kimaera are no longer a mere student, but now give lessons. A great success that I hope will last a long time.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Bloody Tourniquet
2. A Breath of Despair
3. A Silent Surrender
4. Solitary Impact
5. Holy Grief
6. In The Shade of Nephilim
7. All that I Am
8. The Taste of Treason
9. Of Wine and Woe
10. The Garden Tomb

Duration : Approx. 59 minutes

Visit the Kimaera bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-15 by Laurent Lignon
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