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The Extinct Dreams : Потустороннее сияние

This second full-length of The Extinct Dreams is as good as the previous one was bad.

The ugly caterpillar has transformed into a butterfly. The Extinct Dreams sound like a completely different band, as this second album has nothing to do with the first one, 'Ars Moriendi': it is as accomplished as the previous one was lame.

Two types of vocals interplay on the album : the first one you come to hear is clear and nasal,it brings a distressed and almost pathetic accent Ė and it's also out of tune (a bit like the singer of Forest Of Shadows); with the band's first effort in mind, you can easily fear something really mawkish coming along. But here's the second kind of vocals, a deep fat raging growl, and it kind of reassures you about the rest to come.

The lyrics are in Russian and this, originality aside, brings about a roughness and an interesting exoticism. They are also written in Cyrillic and therefore particularly undecipherable to a Western European... The riffs are very elegant, ethereal - very Slavic, one could say- punctuated by overwhelming arrangements, embellished with somber chords cut with the precision of an expert goldsmith; their lyrical tone gives the music an almost positive touch, the whole sounds like a ride through the liquid air of the night, itís calm, solemn and vast. Thereíre just a few bass solos to bring some meat and fat to the bandís dark and distinguished elegies.

It's very well done, and absolutely not monolithic as Otkroveniya Dozhdya can sometimes be, another band The Extinct Dreams make me think of : the music here is full of twists and each track is different from the previous one, adding its share of original melancholy to the ambitious construction.

The band also makes wonderful use of more ambient passages; there are many of them and they truly add an aura of mystery and something like a taste of long forgotten things. Diaphanous atmospherics, bells tinkling with the softness of a last sigh: so many interesting sounds within a Death Doom frame. A cello, deep and austere as it can be, has also a word to say. Much attention is given to these more appeased moments, when anger takes a breath.

The Russians, however, never lose a certain "end-of-reign" languor, a bitter sadness that is musically strikingly illustrated. The affiliation with Mournful Congregation and íThe Monad Of Creationí is obvious on the fourth song, which is exciting and a little disappointing too, as it is a bit less personal than it could perhaps have been - although I must admit that if the model is glorious, the imitation is worthy of it.

The Extinct Dreams seems like a new band, far from the grotesque stutterings and cacophonous erratic song-writing of their debut. Потустороннее сияние is an excellent Doom Death album that will hopefully mark the true start of the band, a brilliant start for a brilliant future. Letís hope soÖ

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
1.Сияние (брахмаджйоти)
2. По ту сторону
4.Крик отчаяния (развоплощение)

Duration : Approx. 40 minutes

Visit the The Extinct Dreams bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-13 by Bertrand Marchal
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