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Starting out as a more death-metal orientated band, the first two releases are plain death-metal mixed with some slowed down parts. On their third demo, the ban...
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Remembrance : Fall, Obsidian Night

A step forward in quality for Remembrance.

This is Remembrance’s third album and the first one with a proper drummer; and you really notice the improvement: it’s more dynamic, more nervous and propels the band in an upper sphere of quality. The personality of Remembrance hasn’t changed though; its Funeral Doom is still carved in the more romantic substance, it’s loss and grief turned into music.

This is classic Funeral Doom, slow and mournful. The very present piano parts (elegant and romantic chords, gently releasing hesitant and timid notes) bring a kind of early 19th century mood. Afflicted yet restraint, truely torn apart yet keeping the sense of convenance, carrying its sorrow with dignity. The breeze of past blows on Remembrance’s autumnal thoughts; the band often appears to me like an echo of the suffering young Werther, like one of those misty and grand landscapes of David Gaspar Friedrich where tiny figures seem to wait to be swallowed by the cosmos.

Sometimes, complementing the deep and smooth growls -that are quite subtly modulated, ending sometimes in a raging grunt- come a female wailing voice, powerful and a bit out-of-tune I must say, evoking a very young child, crying its grief and though vibrating with a tragic emotion that gives you shivers; it sounds like the spirit of a fraternal and loving muse and enlightens the dark sorrow that shrouds the compositions.

Waves crushing onto the shore are a recurrent motive, the sea appears like an obsessional thought in ’Fall Obsidian Night’, like a symbol of some kind of eternity and insignificance of human life...Tragic riffs, draging their droning last notes to the bitterest despondency, spoken words and military drumming - not the most glorious one, but the kind of rolling that announces a bitter battle, lost in advance – also contribute building a very good Funeral Doom album, tense and deep.

So, if you knew Remembrance from what they produced with the first two albums and weren’t that convinced, I suggest strongly that you still give ’Fall Obsidian Night’ its chance. It’s far better.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1.Ageless Fever
2.Stone Mirrors
3.The Omen
4.Our Memories Are Made of Stones
5.Ice Cold Conscience
6.Winter Tides

Duration : Approx. 52 minutes

Visit the Remembrance bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-13 by Bertrand Marchal
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