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This London based Stoner Metal band has been active since 1995 and have released 7 full lengths, 1 EP, 3 singles and a boxed set to date. The group is currently...
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Sideris Noctem : Wait till the Time is R.I.P.

On this album, Sideris Noctem pile up stereotypes with a disconcerting ease.

The Russian-Ukrainian Doom scene doesnít seem to ever run out of Gothic Doom bands, or at least very melodic Doom/Death onesÖ Is this due to the vast barren tundra, to the immense icy and hostile taiga or to the frozen swamps that cover a large part the eastern countryside, to the gray cloudy sky which can make you feel so small? Hard to say, maybe a little of all this. Sideris Noctem is what one might call a veteran of the scene, having formed in 2001, they released a demo the following year, had their name went from mouth to mouth in the country, but hardely outside.

8 years later and after many changes of line-up, they are back with their first real album. Letís not dwell on the ugly photoshopy cover, the only interest of which lies in the display of 3 pairs of tits and one (female) butt on the back cover. Do also accept that their English sounds particularly exotic, one recurring weakness in the Russian-Ukrainian Doom scene and do concentrate only on the musical aspects. Because oddly enough, Sideris Noctem donít do too badly in terms of interpretation.

Admittedly, the album piles up stereotypes with a disconcerting ease, but the result is efficient and enjoyable. The pace never rises above mid-tempo, even in the 'faster' passages. The keyboards are very discrete (working mostly in support, especially in the intro and outro, which also takes advantage of violin chords), the bass is well present and audible (what is rare in the genre), the drums are classic and the vocals work on the traditional opposition Beauty (discrete inclusion of female vocals) and the Beast (grunts quite similar to those of SAS in ArgilliŤres from Misanthrope / Argile). It's the guitars that have stolen the lion's share on the album; they clearly are the highlight of this CD. The duo of Valentin (Chernjak and Falin) happens to sound melancholic, aggressive or weeping, and offers high quality solos.

If the interpretation is correct, I canít say the same of the substance. As already noted, English is exotic, and it must be recognized as an English speaker, some formulations bring more bursts of laughing than despondent sadness. At the end of the album, the last song entirely in Russian can let wonder why, like their fellowcountrymen Otkroveniya Dozhdya, they didnít sing all the songs in their mother tongue. Also, as good as it is played, the album really offers nothing that the fan has already heard many times elsewhere, sometimes better. Well crafted, but classic or even cliche. Only the superb version of the classic 'Without God' of Katatonia emerges: there, Sideris Noctem impose a true personality, avoiding the pitfall of simple Copy / Paste, and you start dreaming of a whole album stamped with that personality.

Despite its flaws, 'Wait Till The Time Is RIPí is a good album that will satisfy fans of the genre, not too fussy about quality or in need of new bands. Now I'm waiting to see what will happen next: several interesting seeds were planted, and I'm curious to see what fruits they will give birth to ...

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. First Day (Intro)
2. Wait till the Time Is R.I.P.
3. Binary
4. Behind the Mirror of the Winterís Fall
5. Time Comes to the End
6. Moonlight Snakes
7. Without God
8. Потерявшиеся в обломках прошлог&
9. Last Day (Outro)

Duration : Approx. 51 minutes

Visit the Sideris Noctem bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-07 by Laurent Lignon
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