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SubRosa return with their most Doom-oriented album to date, which proves to be yet another masterpiece.
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The band plays a mix of gritty Doom and atmospheric Post-Metal. It's progressive, melancholic and feverish; between harsh heaviness and tense mellower pass...
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Beehoover : Concrete Catalyst

Take a ride in the Beehoover's rollercaster; that’s ‘wow!’ and ‘ Peeeww!’

I discovered the band with this album, I’ve heard that their previous album 'Heavy Zooo' is very good. I also discovered that Beehoover is a duet. It's hard to believe as nothing is missing and everything that should contribute to the dynamics of the music is there, to the power X. A duet, bass and drums, some acoustic guitar arpeggios and a singer. That's all and that's huge when it works as well. Beehoover is a band that doesn’t do things by halves; you need two to make kids, two are also enough to savagely explode the strangleholds and draw the outlines of a music that is bold, fresh, energetic and very addictive.

First observation : it's heavy! Oh, yes! Bass and drums are thunderous; it's overwhelming and full of fuzz. Second obvious fact: it's very melodic and full of sensuality. The band has crafted an album that is rich and complex without being cold, it's nervous foremost, overflowing with a devastating energy. Third slogan, the more exciting one: it is filled with groove, an almighty groove, everywhere, not a corner that doesn’t receive its salutary waves.

The voice adds a lot to the lively architecture; the singer indulges in gently neurotic accents, shifting from frenzied bursts of anger to erratic languid crooner lines. He really does a tremendous job, modulates his diverse expressions and adds a dose of mysticism in the music that alone, might seem too technical. This does not detract from the elegance or a certain amount of melancholy. Together, those two guys manage to compose songs of an incredible richness, full of broken rhythms with a chopped elocution, telescoping like burning-hot tectonic plates: a track stamped with a calm and almost religious fervor can turn into a torrent of primal energy, navigating between Kyuss and Monster Magnet, Primus and Alice in Chains, carrying bits of folk, negro blues and volcanic ash. It thunders and conceals a real pain, the kind of unrest that is adorned with an artificial optimism so as not to bother too much the world with its pathos and out-of-place despair.

It is a vibrant flow, moving and feverish, likely to inflame the coolest of the corpse. I defy you to resist Beehoover’s groove! Impossible! A band and an album more than recommended, as you understand.

Reviewer's rating: 8.5/10


Tracklist :
01. Oceanriver
02. Five minutes of resistance
03. Sultana
04. Rocking chair
05. A poem
06. Wild geese yell
07. The dragonfighter
08. Counted is bygone
09. Trainer

Duration : Approx. minutes

Visit the Beehoover bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-12-04 by Bertrand Marchal
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