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Drear plays a horror tainted version of sludge/doom and extreme noise. Mainly at least. When not doing their own sick version of sludge/doom, they contra...
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Serpent Venom : Serpent Venom

An impressive first demo.

Hailing from London, UK, Serpent Venom trusts in traditional Doom Metal with some elements from Stoner Rock/Metal. The band is founded in 2008, and their self-titled and self-released demo CD of 2010 is limited to 50 copies only.

The material is of surprisingly good quality for a demo release both technically and also what it comes to the contents as a whole. The sound is in condition, everything is in balance, and also the singing has some obscure feeling to it and fits in well. Of course no wheel being invented anew here, but there's something in the songs that work at least for me really well. The demo presents both slow and heavy material, but also some groovy and going parts too. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of for example Penance and even Revelation at times, yet we talk about quite different bands here anyway.

All in all, Serpent Venom has impressed me with their demo. By the time of writing this, they seem to have signed to The Church Within Records, so hopefully the recordings of an upcoming release goes all well and we'll hear from this group soon again!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Four Walls of Solitude
2. Under the Compass
3. The Outsider

Duration : Approx. 24 minutes

Visit the Serpent Venom bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-23 by Pekka Aho
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