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Dark and Melodic Death Doom from the frozen steppes of Russia, this project conjures up vast and magestic soundscapes by use of all the usual Melodic Doom gear:...
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Obskure Torture : Spilling The Blood Of The World

Obscure Torture. Any other description would fail to express the feeling that album conveys.

Obskure Torture hails from Denmark; the band is active since 2005, but as a matter of fact, has only released two demos now sold out. Happily enough, the label Rotting Grave had the good idea to revamp them and to bring them together in one only cd: ’Spilling The Blood Of The World’ is made of seven songs that portraiture the feeling of inanity and distress of Man.

In this ominous plodding procession, everything is thought to sound unsettling. It’s made of tortured dirges, full of inner tension, ascetic and raw. The drums really are the spinal pillar around wich all the music is organized. Misanthropic, it’s devoid of anger though and sounds more as a disgust for everything, an ode to the void. Obskure Torture’s Doom is unfriendly, quite stubborn and hypnotic. You can almost smell that relentless stifling atmosphere: it smells like rotten humus, infect vomit and grey mush. This is very organic and spare.

Quite linear, Obskure Torture won’t bring you any surprises, evreything is obvious, the paths they walk on are obvious and the dark corners of human mind they’re aiming to are obvious as well: it unwinds a thin thread directly leading you to the basements of hell. You’ll follow the track in a forlorn haze, hardly noticing the riffs – they are utterly blurred, drown in the putrid ether, linking the band with the Drone scene; voice and drums lead the march, gravelly growls dripping with loathing and dynamic, authoritative drums, full of cymbals’ clangs ala Rigor Sardonicus, they pulsate like an exhausted sick heart, pushing forth the Doom that trudges along the way.

That’s quite a suffocating listen. There are no airing, it’s miserable and nihilistic and yet filled with a sick groove, wimpish and tired, down-to-earth. A burden of grief you’ll have to carry till the end of the album; the last half of which is more structured, less randomly roaming through subterranean corridors.. and more focused. The production falls in step with that new, almost suprising sense of clarity: powerful, it obviously pushes the music to a new dimension; it becomes less taciturn and therefore more impressive.

Well, I think you have the idea, as one says: "Not for the fainthearted”!

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. Midnight Funeral
2. Open The Gates Of Hell
3. Summon The Spirits Of War
4. Shadows Come Alive
5. Worship The Beast
6. Black Fog
7. A Gift For The Prince

Duration : Approx. 72 minutes

Visit the Obskure Torture bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-19 by Bertrand Marchal
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