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Benighted In Sodom : Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica

Benighted in Sodom deliver some “classic” Dark Metal.

Benighted in Sodom have been quite THE active band out there. Releasing their very first demo in 2006, they just kept hammering with a deluge of releases ever since. A quick look at their discography on any given site will be proof enough: 6 full-lengths only this year. Makes you wow and also makes you think that either the guy (it is essentially a one-man band led by sinister mind Matron Thorn; a few musicians orbit around the band be it for studio takes or live gigs) is a bottomless well of inspiration or he puts just about anything on wax as soon as it’s been composed.

Needless to say I had a few doubts when playing the record. Sure the band's got good press in the circle of Dark Metal fans and even a split record with the band that coined the genre, namely Bethlehem but I always have doubts when metal bands release that many records in such a short time. Take record holders Nunslaughter, 3/4 of their discography is not even worth mentioning.

Enough with the introduction. Musically, as stated above, Benighted in Sodom deliver some “classic” Dark Metal. For those of you still not familiar with the genre, I will quote the most revered Belgian Apostle of Doom with his quintessential definition of the genre: “If it’s neither Doom Metal, nor Death Metal, nor Black Metal but a bit of everything with slightly boring tendencies, don’t look further: it’s Dark Metal”. Fitting, isn't it? Yes, indeed. Most definitely.

I guess if you haven’t listened neither to Benighted in Sodom's earlier releases nor to Bethlehem yet, you’re still somehow left without a damn clue so I’ll try my best to sum this up: long agonizing tracks with very few riffing variation that build up excruciating atmospheres as if no light would pierce through the abyss of Matron Thorn but yet not as slow as Funeral Doom. Vocals are somehow bleak, close to Black Metal ones, but yet different in the fact that they emphasize the overall despair and depression. Guitars are not too saturated and may even be linked to Cold Wave and other bands like Joy Division.

Somehow it is the perfect soundtrack to play on a rainy day either watching Twin Peaks for the Xth time or playing Silent Hill. Yet, this will require some open-mindedness to fully appreciate the scope of this record and most certainly a few listens to perceive its progression. I would obviously recommend it to people already enamored with Benighted in Sodom and everything dealing with Dark Metal but also to those of you ready to embrace a little more darkness.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. An Angel Circles The Drain
2. Dreamscape Overdose
3. Liquid Flowing From A Slashed Wrist
4. Nightshade And Arsenic
5. Solarium
6. The Surrogate

Duration : Approx. 49 minutes

Visit the Benighted In Sodom bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-19 by Frédéric Cerfvol
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