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Snowblood : Snowblood

Snowblood, a dualism where serene calmness meets ugly violence.

What an odd name Snowblood is. It may not be hard to imagine blood in the snow, but you're still left without any idea of what such a picture is supposed to mean. I'm going to claim that the image presented is that of a dualism. Snow is pure if untainted by something else, and calm unless disturbed by the wind. Blood is in itself pure, but becomes an impurity as soon as it leaves the body, and muddled into our minds its concept becomes a sign of violence and distress. And likewise is Snowblood a band whose motion goes interchangeably from calm to violence, from snow to blood, from ambient drone/darkwave to loud doom/sludge.

I'm not all that surprised that mellow drone in the vein of Pelican's 'Australasia', merge so well with second-wave doom/sludge (e.g. Bloody Panda, Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon). What did surprise me is that this blend turned out as mature is it did. This album is to doom/sludge what Toto is to hard rock; it is the kind of band which took youthful music and made it into something which only can be truly appreciated by someone with a post-teenage patience. Even so, I'd still recommend anyone into bands more mature bands such as Les Ténèbres, Kauan and Memory Driven to check this out, no matter what age they really are.

Sadly, this is Snowblood's swansong. The quartet has ceased to be. At least they got to make three albums before they went and while I cannot say anything about the two former albums, I can by this one alone understand why they'll be dearly missed by many.

Reviewer's rating: Unrated


Tracklist :
1. [untitled]
2. [untitled]
3. [untitled]
4. [untitled]

Duration : Approx. 63 minutes.

Visit the Snowblood bandpage.

Reviewed on 2010-11-17 by Arnstein H. Pettersen
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